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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Friday *02/19/16*

Crystals for the day:  Hessonite Garnet & Dioptase

It’s time to break free of repetition and stability with Mars and Uranus leading you on a journey that is meant to bring some excitement and shake you out of any listlessness that may have been creeping in over the last few months.  You don’t want to make permanent or drastic changes right now, but you do want to be less ridged when it comes to your routine.  This transit is a reminder that your life isn’t meant to be a series of tasks that get performed over and over again.  Give yourself time and space to be impulsive and feel the rush of excitement and inspiration that can never be found in the monotonous.  The Universe is moving on into the last phase of the Zodiac as the Sun enters Pisces.   Pisces is emotional and spiritual energy that will encourage you to seek deeper levels of understanding.  Caution is necessary because you want to believe in something and you will do it very easily.  Hessonite Garnet can help to ensure that you don’t devote yourself blindly to anything unworthy of your attention. Use Dioptase to loosen up and have some fun.

Number of the day: 3

You are not alone and we are all experiencing this life together.  3 wants you to find comfort and joy in that knowledge.  Turquoise will help you to feel part of the whole.

Posted on February 19, 2016

    (Submitted by: D:L on March 28, 2016)
  I'm really starting to use Crystal's and stone's. I'm new to it all. I've been a sensitive all my life. So I want to learn..  (Submitted by: Teri on February 19, 2016)

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