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Daily Crystal Horoscope Thursday *10/29/15*

Crystals for the day: Petrified Wood & Iolite.

You need to be very cautious in your approach towards others tomorrow with a Sun/Mars semi-square that could get you into trouble.  The Scorpio Sun brings out our deepest fears and makes us act out of suspicion and mistrust. Mars lives for conflict and it’s intensely motivating energy tends to make us more aggressive in our actions. You can get a lot accomplished and make great strides towards your goals, but you need to be in control of the energy and that won’t be easy. You’ll be running on adrenaline and that can produce thoughtless and combative actions that will waste your time and energy.  It is essential to pause and think before your say or do something that cannot be taken back, so carry Petrified Wood as a reminder that a softer approach will yield greater results.  Iolite can keep you focused on your ultimate goals rather than getting caught up in conquering momentary battles. 

Number of the day: 2

Use 2 to realize if there is something that is holding you back and then find a way to use it to propel you forward.  You have that ability and Rhodonite will show you how.

Posted on October 29, 2015
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