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Daily Crystal Horoscope Friday *09/23/16*

Crystals for the day:  Clear Quartz & Prasiolite

We are beginning the new season by taking a step back to a transit that occurred right before the equinox.  While Mercury was retrograde, it was in a trine with Pluto. Now that it has gone direct, it has circled back to the exact same transit - but of course the energy will be very different.  On 9/20/16 the Mercury/Pluto trine encouraged you to look within for answers.  Today's Mercury/Pluto trine wants you to search outside of yourself for inspiration and understanding that will enable you to better your life.  This is a very rare occurrence where you have the benefit of personal insight that you can marry with universal knowledge to create a holistic approach to any situation. Clear Quartz will help you utilize this energy for a clear and focused mind that’s prepared to take the next step and turn those thoughts into substance.  Mercury is also in a semi-square with Venus, so you may not be feeling very sociable.  It will be challenging to focus on others and their needs when you’re consumed with your own situations.  Use Prasioliteto treat others with kindness and compassion.  If you do, you’ll gain unexpected support when you need it the most.

Number of the day: 5

Of course the number of adventure would make its energy prominent today.  5 gives you even more encouragement to try something new.  The eclectic energy of Inclusion Quartz will put you in the spirit.

Posted on September 23, 2016
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