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Cuprite is a red to deep red opaque crystal with a very distinct and vibrant coloring that borders on black. It has an almost metallic luster. Cuprite crystallizes in the form of masses or octahedral shapes. This copper oxide is often found as a secondary mineral to Chrysocolla.

It is a stone of altriusm and teaches how to become a great humanitarian.

Cuprite can be very helpful for attracting mentors/teachers when they are required.

For those who have experienced rigid rules and control in their lives (at the hands of authority figures such as father, guru, teacher, etc), Cuprite will help to work on releasing those feelings, strenghtening the will, and taking responsibility for one's own life and choices.

Cuprite is a stone of strength, vitality, encouragement and support. It will help to attract what is needed to survive when facing fears due to terminal disease or fatal illness. It helps to ease the mind, releasing worry over situations that are not in your control.

Physically, Cuprite can help with issues of sexual function (or lack there of), AIDS, Cancer, blood disorders, metabolic imbalances and water retention.

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Physical and Metaphysical Properties for
Crystal Name:Cuprite
Pronunciation:Koo prite
Affirmation:I take responsibility for my own choices.
Question:What do you do to boost your willpower and resolve?
Astrological Sign:Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)
Primary Chakra:Root Chakra
Rarity:Fairly Common
Mineral Class:Oxides
Crystal System:Isometric Crystal System
Hardness:3.5 to 4 Hardness
Numerical Vibration:Number2
Chemical Composition:Cu2O, Copper Oxide
Physical:Altitude Sickness, Arthritis, Bladder Problems, Blood Disorders, Cramps, Cystitis, Energy Balancing or Restoring, Kidney Disorders and Health, Rheumatism, Vertigo, Vitality
Emotional:Conflict Diffusion, Harmony, Reducing Stress or Tension
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Posted on March 13, 2013
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