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Here is a question from one of our customers:

Q:   I have two very young kittens with eye problems, 5 month old has ulcers in her eyes and the 2 month old has eye infections. Medications and bathing the eyes is helping but I really don't like antibiotics for myself or animals unless absolutely the last option, and particularly for kittens this young.

Is there any crystal you can recommend which would encourage healing of the eyes and boost their immunity. The do not wear collars and they sleep in various places so it would be hard to get the crystals too close to them for more than a few minutes.

Another factor is money, the crystals would have to be really inexpensive as I am a senior on a very limited income and just getting the vet to look at them plus medications has totally blown my budget for the month.

I would appreciate any information or suggestions you have.

Thank you


I love me some furry little kitty companions! Let's see what we can offer as recommendations to enhance their healing.

First off, I understand your stance on not wanting to use antibiotics, however, I am going to suggest that in this case, it should be your first line of defense. These kitties are very young. Their bodies are not as strong as older cats to fight off infection, and this could cause a slew of other infections. What I would like to suggest is to take advantage of the antibiotics (maybe at half the amount of what is suggested on the prescription) since you already have them and use the crystals as a supporting cast in this case.

Green Fluorite is one of the best crystals in my opinion to use when it comes to fighting infection and boosting the immune system. Most Fluorite comes with several colors in one piece(Rainbow Fluorite) just make sure to request some with a majority of green if you can.

Try putting out a bowl of water for the kitties that has been charged with Fluorite. That way, you are getting the energy of the stone/crystal into the kitties via their drinking water.

Here is an article in the Healing Crystals archive that shares how to charge water.

Quartz, Clear or Amethyst, also can help to strengthen the immune system.

If you have a bag of food for the kitties, just throw a tumbled Amethyst or two in the bag and it will help charge the food with immune boosting energy. You may want to keep the tumbles in the little bag provided with the order so the tumbles wont slip out and into the food the kitties are eating.

If the kitties have a favorite sleeping spot, put a tumble under their pillow.

And this may sound a bit strange, but if I have an animal that is not feeling particularly well, I will simply put a Lapis Lazuli tumble in my hand and pet the animal with it. I know kitties do not stay in one place too long, but it may be just another way to add a little immune boosting energy.

I send lots of love and healing to you and your baby animal companions. Bless you for caring for such wonderful little creatures.

with love and crystal blessing,

Posted on February 17, 2011

  My Dad has claucoma an is lossing his eye sight what crysta would you recommend for that. Thank you  (Submitted by: calvin on July 07, 2012)

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