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From: janet
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 7:31 AM
Subject: Inquiry from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

Hello ,i need some crystals to be a little more positive.also i have been ill for awile and just found out its not my gallbladder,its acid reflux.i do the sage thing sometimes in my home and will continue to do that when needed.  I have a relationship with a man and just want to kkep it postive..what would be good?? u take paypal????
Ty janet


Dear Janet~

Thank you for visiting our website.  Yes, we do take PayPal for your orders.  

It is good that you are already using sage to smudge your home.  Please be sure to leave at least one window in the house open when you smudge, in order to allow any negative energies or entities to leave your home during the process.

A great crystal for imparting a positive vibration to its user is Citrine.  Warm Citrine is a strong and energetic crystal that promotes optimism and joy in one's life.  Also known as the stone of abundance, Citrine can facilitate the release of any negative emotions by allowing one to recognize and deal with them so they can be let go when they are no longer needed.  Citrine is well-known for its sunny energies that encourage one to try to see things from different perspectives, no matter how negative the situation may seem to be on the surface.  Citrine cleanses all of the chakras, and sends its high vibrations specifically into the Sacral and Solar-Plexus Chakras, bringing improved self-image and self-confidence to the user.  You can see our Citrine selection here:

Another positive stone is Rose Quartz.  A great crystal for lovers, Rose Quartz works with the Heart Chakra to bring understanding and compassion to any relationship.  Rose Quartz is the premier stone for cleansing and opening the Heart Chakra, and is an integral part of any crystal collection.  A powerful healing stone, Rose Quartz can pull negative vibrational energies away from the user, allowing Divine Love to enter in return.  Most people can immediately notice the loving and soothing vibrations that emanate from Rose Quartz.  Promoting self-love as well as Universal Love, Rose Quartz can be a great ally to those who have repressed their emotions, by gently accepting them, learning from them, and releasing them in appropriate ways.  If you'd like to see our Rose Quartz, it is here:

Another crystal that might be helpful to your situation is Lithium Quartz.  Lithium Quartz carries the mineral of the same name, that is found in many antidepressants, except that this is a more natural form of Lithium that sends its ethereal energies to the user for assimilation.  Lithium Quartz sends out a calming vibration that can help to ameliorate stress, panic attacks, and stress-related disorders or ailments.  Many crystal healers use Lithium Quartz to cleanse and activate all of the chakras, but it works specifically to pull higher vibrational energies down from the Third-Eye Chakra into the Heart Chakra, resulting in a communication of intuition from the Divine directly into the heart.  Our Lithium Quartz can be seen here:

Other stones that emit positive or dispel negative vibrations include
and Lapis Lazuli

I hope these crystals and stones offer you some help in your goal of maintaining a positive atmosphere for your relationship.  When working with crystals, be sure to focus on positive outcomes, rather than negative experiences.  By keeping your own vibrations positive, you have a better chance of attracting more positive things into your experience.  While Citrine does not need to be cleansed, the other stones mentioned should be cleared of negative energies on a somewhat regular basis.  In case you need it, our newsletter on that subject is here:  

Once cleansed, you can then program your stones for specific purposes.  If you are unfamiliar with the process of programming crystals, you can see our newsletter on that subject here:

I wish you many blessings for your relationship.



Posted on November 19, 2007
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