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Subject: Crystals to help when working around electronic equipments
Date: 01/16/2010
From: Nina G
To: Healing Crystals


I'm wondering if there are any crystals/stones that would help me around all my electronic equipment - I work as an editor, and I'm surrounded by a lot of monitors, computers, etc... on a daily basis. I have some of my stones and crystals around me while I work now... but not sure how the electronics will affect them. Negatively? And I was wondering if there is a specific type of crystal or stone I can use to dissipate some of the electronic energy that might be affecting me while working.

Thank you.

Good Morning :)

Absolutely! Most electronic equipment (cell phones, computers, etc) give off EMF's. EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields.  These are subtle energy waves that carry frequencies of 300 hertz (cycles) or less per second.  Our bodies absorb this energy.  Too much absorption can have an adverse effect, particularly to energy sensitive people, causing physical manifestations such as Headaches, Depression, Memory Loss, Irritability, Chronic Fatigue, Loss of Energy, and a weakened Immune System.

We have some great articles in our archives that can assist here:

Many stones and crystals will absorb/block these EMF emanations. For the crystals you currently have at work, I think it may be prudent to take them home every couple of weeks and give them a good energetic cleansing. Many stones/crystals absorb this energy and once filled up, it will need to be released. A cleansing will do that.

There are many crystals/stones that can help to dissipate the EMF energies.

Here are some suggestions taken from the first article listed above.

Use Amazonite to block and absorb all types of EMF emissions and the objects that give off these emissions.  This in turn protects you from having these EMF's enter your energy field.

For cell phones, Aventurine (any color) will help to act as an EMF barrier, absorbing the energy and protecting you from it.  Try taping a piece to your cell phone or wearing Aventurine earrings.

If you are around computers all day, set up a small grid using a combination of Fluorite.  Blue Fluorite and/or Purple Fluorite work very well for this purpose.  Wear a lovely Rainbow Fluorite pendant, necklace or bracelet.

Try sitting a few tumbled Sodalite on top of your desktop computer (or tape to a lap top) to block and clear any EMF emanations.

Place black Tourmaline or Lepidolite under your computer screen (or between you and the screen) to help clear and protect.

Other crystals and stones that can assist in clearing/neutralizing EMF's would be Turquoise, Herkimer Diamonds, Jasper, and/or Unakite.

I will say that Sodalite has worked amazingly well for me personally (I am at a computer for several hours a day). I have pieces lined up under my monitor, as well as around my computer itself. I really do feel a difference!

Thanks for such a great question!

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on January 19, 2010

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Thank you
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