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Subject: Crystals to help receive Energy from the Sun
Date: 04/14/10
From: Kenji
To: Healing Crystals

I would like to ask, in your opinion, what is the best crystal or stone that transmutes the energy of the sun?

Is it a citrine crystal? Or is it a gold? I need a crystal or stone that can transmute energy of sun because I lack the energy of the sun, especially when it is cloudy outside.

Good Morning,

There are several crystals that identify with the Planetary Ruler of the Sun. Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic suggests the following:

Orange Calcite
Golden Tiger Eye
Imperial Topaz

I live in Washington State, which is absolutely beautiful but has a reputation for being cloudy and raining all the time (not true, but it does rain a bit). I miss the Vitamin D the sun provides. I have a beautiful Sunstone I carry with me all the time :) It makes me feel energized and happy!

I would definitely recommend it!

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on April 15, 2010
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