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From: kimberly

1.i love your site
2. An associate of mine has just gone into what they think is a coma, after a training, they think that she may have had brain hemorrhaging. I'm in need of a crystal that you think, with your expertise that can help. 
3. Please HELP ME!!!

Hi Kimberly,
I am so sorry to hear about your friend's medical condition. You are an amazing friend :) Sending tons of love and healing energy to you and your friend as you go through this challenge together.

A comma is simply defined as, "Someone who is in a coma is unconscious and will not respond to voices, other sounds, or any sort of activity going on nearby. The person is still alive, but the brain is functioning at its lowest stage of alertness." However, it is my understanding (and feeling) that while they may not be able to respond, they can indeed hear, feel and sense. I think it is very important that those visiting stimulate the patient by speaking, reading to them, playing music, etc.

There are crystals that can assist in the event of a coma or comatose like state. My feeling is that the spirit self may exist on a higher vibration during a comatose state. Since the crystals I am recommending are all high vibrational crystals, I believe it would be good to use a grounding crystal at the same time which will connect the non responding body (physical) to the spirit self.

The first crystal I would recommend is Tanzanite. Tanzanite helps to increase the life force, the physical vitality and health. It is also a stone of communication and in this case, I believe Tanzanite would help communicate between the body, mind and soul. In essence, helping them to work in sync again.

You can also use Lapis Lazuli.This stone will help work similar to the Tanzanite. Lapis is also a very peaceful, soothing crystal. Your friend may be experiencing confusion within (and often when waking up from comas, the patient will exhibit confusion without as well). I think it would be an excellent idea to have Lapis around your friend at this time. It would also be very helpful to have someone (like you or a family member) explain in simple language what is happening,  to the patient.

I would also recommend a grounding piece such as Smoky Quartz to be place in the room or under the mattress of the patient. This will also help reconnect all parts of the body, mind and spirit.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure to have some loving crystals on hand. Pieces like Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite or Rhodonite will go a long way in sending loving energy to your friend.

I wish you and your friend well as you go through this journey together. Our thoughts are with you.

with love and crystal blessings,
Kristi Huggins
Author and Project Manager for Healing Crystals

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Posted on December 15, 2009
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