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Subject: Comment from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 23:17:54 -0500
From: Shannon

Hi, I would like to buy some crystals for a friend of mine to take with her into the labor room. I like your mommy packs but I'm also wondering if you know of a specific layout that can be done around the hospital bed to help reduce the pain of contractions and promote a smooth labor.
Hi Shannon,

What a wonderful idea!

What I would suggest is to do the layout under the bed itself. If the crystals are placed around the bed on the floor, they may be kicked around or be moved as people go in and out of the room. Placing them on the bed around your friend may also allow them to be moved around, so under the bed would be the best place as to not disturb the layout and keep a constant energy flow throughout the labor itself.

First, I think it would be a wonderful idea to have the new mommy hold a piece of Moonstone before and during the labor itself.  Moonstone helps to relieve stress, fear, and tension during childbirth which makes for an easy and smooth delivery.

I believe a simple circular grid/layout would work very well in this instance. Place Rose Quartz in the middle and simply lay the other stones in a circle about 2 inches out from the Rose Quartz. I like the circle approach because it represents unbroken, loving energy. The circle of life, as it were. What better way to bring a new soul into this life :)

Here are some stones that help to assist in the birthing process itself:
Calcite, Orange-assists in birthing
Lapis Lazuli-help in birthing process
Malachite-easing of birthing process
Moonstone-promotes ease in pregnancy
Moss Agate-eases process
Onyx, Black-eases process
Peridot-facilitator of birthing process

If the circle does not resonate, you may want to try a diamond type layout. Using the stones from the Mommy Assortment
as an example, I would put the Amber and second piece of Moonstone in the middle of the grid. At the bottom point, I would place the Hematite. At the top point, I would place the Moss Agate. To the left and right of the middle crystals, I would place one piece of Unakite.

Last but not least, hold the stones you have chosen and place them according to your intuition :) They will tell you where they need to go. All you need to do is listen :)

I wish your friend a smooth, easy and quick labor, surrounded by loving friends such as yourself, and a healthy bundle of joy :)

with love and crystal blessings,
Kristi Huggins
Author and Project Manager for Healing Crystals

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Posted on November 13, 2009
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