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Subject: Crystals to Protect Pets from Negative Energy
Date: 04/05/10
From: Sherry
To: Healing Crystals


I just came across your website while in search of some specific crystals for my dogs and am feeling very fortunate to have found your FAQ page. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for crystals that would repel/protect from negative energies/spirits. Lately, one dog in particular has been experiencing more frequent "harassment" from something that only the dogs can see. I plan on doing a cleansing of my house, but would like to attach a crystal(s) to their collars for extra protection. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I look forward to reading more of the information on this site and doing some shopping!

Thank you,


Hi Sherry,

We are very happy you have found us and look forward to assisting you!

We have an entire section of the Healing Crystals archives that address protection from negative energies, so lets start there.

Each article will recommend a variety of crystals:

If you feel it may be another entity that is harassing your pet, and would like recommendations to help detach and release this unwanted entity or energy I would suggest:

Dravite Tourmaline


Smoky Phantoms

One of the best overall protection crystals that I like to recommend is Black Tourmaline. (These come in pendants which make them easy to hang or attach to collars too!)

It is a lot of info, so take your time, read through it all and then choose what you are most drawn to :) The links also include pictures, so if you are a visual person like me, you will want to look and get a feel for the crystals through the pictures.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance at any time.

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on April 08, 2010

  My dog, a very small terrier, is very energy/entity sensitive. He recently had seizures that there was no discernible medical cause for. I called my best healer friend and put her on the case! It turned out that Mozart, the dog, had been trying to heal my husband and I by taking on the work and personal stress we were experiencing. The problem was, he had no idea how to clear himself and his energy systems were overloading and short circuiting as seizures. He also has been aware of entities in our condo that were coming from some less-than-white-light activities by our downstairs neighbors. Anyway, my friend said she strongly was being guided that he needed amethyst-- to grid his sleeping area with amethyst and to charge his drinking water with it so he could would have a way to clear and recharge himself.

The funny thing is, he had been trying to steal pieces of amethyst from around the house for months! I had them gridded in each room to help with the energy of the house, and i had to move the grids way up high because he would always know where they were and dig through things to get them! No I know why! My point is this--if you have various crystals already that might work for this, see what your dog responds to. Not every stone can safely charge water, and you REALLY don't want your dog chewing on many stones! But chances are, if your dog has been around crystals and energy work, the dog will have a sense of what he/she needs and will let you know if given the opportunity. He/she may also give clues to crystal placement around the house. (mozart fixates on stones that need to be moved--he won't touch them, he just keeps jumping at it and barking until I move it)

Mozart dog went charging through a pile of things that were moved due to home renovations this week. Turns out a piece of sugilite had fallen off the shelf and onto the floor. Knowing that he will ignore most stones, but pay attention to ones he needs, I got it from him and held it in my fingers as I petted him for a few minutes. He was very content and settled after that.

Good luck with your dog and the entities!

Debbie  (Submitted by: Deb on January 22, 2011)
  Sand fleas are so small that they are difficult to see with the naked eye. Also no-see-ums can attack pets outside or in-doors.vanilla will ward those off pets and people. Consider there many be a sound in an octave humans cannot hear bothering them. Crystals on their collars? Be sure they won't hang up on something.  (Submitted by: Rhea on July 09, 2010)

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