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Subject: Crystals to Help with the Passing of Your Pet
Date: 08/24/10
From: Karen
To: Healing Crystals

Feeling sad about the passing of my "Old Man Kitty."

What stone can I use to connect to the energy in the house of my beloved cat? I can't feel him any more and feel empty.





Hi Karen,

My condolences on the passing of your furry companion. I know it is a difficult time.

I would like to recommend some Mookaite Agate. Mookaite stimulates contact/communication with loved ones (including animals) who have passed over/ascended.

Rhyolite has also been used to activate contact with loved ones who have ascended to other planes.

I would also like to recommend something for you to help deal with this loss:

Unakite helps with issues of guilt and grief. Its soothing energies allow for true understanding and comprehension.

Blue Jade
is a very supportive stone as we work our way through grief, loss, or change. I think this could be most helpful to you as well.

Each person deals with grief in their own way. Allow yourself to go through your grief. Remember that the love you feel for your cat and the love your cat feels for you will never go away. That energy will always be with you.

With love and crystal blessings,



Posted on August 27, 2010
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