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Subject: Crystals to Help Protect Neighborhood
Date: 05/31/10
From: Desperate in Orlando
To: Healing Crystals

I have loud, drunken, rude and criminal neighbors who are constantly shooting guns, drinking, loud music and have become a problem in the community. This occurs almost seven days a week.

My neighbors and I have called the police dozens of times to no avail. They are really a troublesome group in our small subdivision community. We are in the process of trying to take legal action but that is a time consuming effort.

Are there any crystals that I can use to protect my neighbors and myself from these people as well as curb their behavior and or get them to move?

Please Help,

Desperate in Orlando





Good Morning,

It sounds like you and your neighbors have quite the challenge on your hands. There are a lot of group dynamics going on here and I am sure it must be very frustrating. There are things you can do to protect you and your space from any negative energy. For instance, Black Tourmaline is very helpful in keeping negative energy out of your sacred space (your home, land, etc). Black Tourmaline also sends the negative energies back to those who created it, whether consciously or unconsciously, so that they can understand why they felt the need to put the negative energy out there in the first place.

Blue Lace Agate is often used when conflicts arise to calm the chaotic energy and bring peace. It also helps to carry on a friendly, truthful dialogue in order to bring about resolution.

I am sure that this situation will continue to escalate unless someone makes the decision to change tactics. Dr. Phil used to say that if you keep doing the same thing, the same way, over and over, you will get the same results. His famous line, "How's that working for you?" always brings a moment of clarity for me. So, I am going to propose a tactic that has worked in the past and is a little different :)

You see, they are loud and rude, you and your neighbors call the police. The rowdy folks get mad, they get louder and ruder, and you and your neighbors call the police. Your loud neighbors realize that the police are not going to do anything, so they know they can get as loud and rude as they want. And you and your neighbors call the police. Its a frustrating and vicious circle, I know!! (I have been through something similar).

What I suggest as an experiment is this. Rose Quartz. You see, Rose Quartz is THE crystal of love. All kinds of love. Family love, mother love, relationship love, friend love, even love of those we detest :) I suggest getting some Rose Quartz and putting it around your home — in your flower beds or under bushes, etc. All around your home. I also suggest getting a larger piece for inside of your home. Every time you hear loud music, loud voices, etc. Go to that Rose Quartz and put your hands on it. Send as much love to these neighbors as you can. Every time you see them, quietly send them love. Every time you hear them, quietly send them love.

Ok, so at first you will really have to try hard to find that love in your heart to send them. They have been pretty annoying, I know :) But practice sending love. Over and over again. Instead of calling the police, send your rowdy neighbors love. I know it sounds kind of silly, but I can promise you, it works. I have done it and I have friends that have done it and IT WORKS! I challenge you to try it for one month. No cop-calling, no conflicts, no confrontations. Simply use your Rose Quartz to send loving energy all day, every day to these rowdy neighbors. I think you may be surprised at the results :)

With love and crystal blessings,

Expert Contributor for Healing Crystals

Posted on June 04, 2010

  Dear Kristi,
what excellent advice! Another tactic that can work is incorporating feng shui by attaching a small mirror on the outside of the house in the direction of the annoyance... reflecting back to sender any negative vibes...I will be anxious to hear from them a month from now.
Keep up the wonderful articles.
Jeanne  (Submitted by: Jeanne on June 04, 2010)

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