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Subject: Crystals to Help Heal the Eyes
Date: 08/05/10
From: Patricia
To: Healing Crystals

I have read that Phenacite has healing qualities for the eyes. My granddaughter was born with optic nerve hypoplasia and is mostly blind. I want to have crystals for her connected to vision. She is an extraordinary child and can identify crystals without sight (of course) or touch, they have no smell. I was told two years ago that she is a crystal child by a psychic and everything else she told me has come about. There is something really different that Makenzie gives off and you feel better in her presence. I am a partial grandmother but everyone else says it as well. I have great great faith where she is concerned. I want to start her on a crystal collection and want to start with ones that are for the eyes first. I also read Apophyllite and Green Aventurine and cabochons (on your site). Thanks for your help. I read Phenacite is connected with the optic nerve.





Good Morning Patricia,

Doting and partial grandmothers ARE allowed! :) It sounds as if your granddaughter has the ability to connect with people and I have no doubt she will touch many more in the upcoming years :)

According to Melody's Love is in the Earth book, "Phenacite enhances/synchronizes the neurological circuitry associated with vision. it helps relieve eyestrain and tension in the optic nerve. Phenacite assists in being more receptive to the light coming into the body/mind through the crown chakra. it is said to help activate the higher, non-physical chakras and assist alignment with one’s Higher Self. Phenacite facilitates deep meditation, promotes inner knowing, and brings the way of love, of heavenly "being" into reality. The application of Phenacite produces an expedient clearing, cleansing and activating effect."

Phenacite carries a very high vibration/frequency. If Makenzie is highly sensitive to the energies around her, which I suspect she is, I suggest using it in limited amounts at first (maybe a couple of minutes, five minutes or so every day for a week, then up the time a bit the next week, etc.)

And yes, as you have read on the site, other recommendations would include:

Apophyllite crystals can help to improve vision.

Green Aventurine can help to strengthen eyesight. (I would recommend a Cabochon that could be applied directly over the eye.)

Citrine can help to increase visual abilities after changes/traumas to the area.

There are a host of other recommendations for the eyes on our Issues and Ailments list. Use this link to get to the "Physical" page and look for the heading "Eyes":

I wish you and your granddaughter the best in all things. I think you will find that together, you will be going on a most fantastic crystal journey!

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on August 10, 2010
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