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Subject: Crystals to Elevate Mood and Absorb Negativity
Date: 06/01/10
From: Wilma
To: Healing Crystals

We are going on a holiday in July and my husband is a grouch. What crystals can I take to make him happy and absorb his negativity? Where can I place them in my car and around me and the kids so he is not aware?






Good Morning,

I can truly relate. I know someone just like that! I guess leaving the grouch at home while you and your kids enjoy the holiday is not an option :)

There are crystals that can help absorb negativity and generally lift the mood. For instance, how about some crystals to increase the positive energy?

One of my absolute favorites is Selenite. Selenite helps to create a safe and peaceful space full of positive energy.

Green Aventurine
is a stone of luck, abundance, and positive energy

is excellent for breaking negative cycles. Carrying Tumbled Chrysoprase Stones can be beneficial for those needing to release fear and bitterness (and maybe even some grouchiness).

helps to soothe, relieve stress and banish negativity

is a very protective stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds.

Last but not least, I highly recommend some Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz has a high energy, but its vibe is also calming and soothing. It opens the heart to compassion for self and for others. Rose Quartz balances the emotions, lowering stress and bringing peace.

I would put a few of your selected crystals in a little pouch and put them under the drivers seat and passenger seats. Put some in your luggage. Charge some water with the Rose Quartz and use it to make coffee or your hubby's favorite beverage or wash/rinse out his clothes :) Here is an article that talks about charging water. Remember, no more than seven drops of the charged water to each 8 oz or so regular water.

I know there are many more crystals that can help too. I know you will find your own favorite.
Click this link and look under the listing for "love".

Be creative! I am sure you will find the perfect hiding places for your crystals. And don't forget before you place the crystals, to share your intent with them, to help program them to assist in the best way possible.

Have a great vacation! Enjoy! Stay positive and full of love!

With love and crystal blessings,

Expert Contributor for Healing Crystals

Posted on June 07, 2010
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