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From: Narelle
Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 10:12 PM
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I am going to be having radical abdominal surgery in about 10 weeks to
remove heaps of excess skin that I have as a result of weight loss.

I am not a good healer and was wondering which crystals you would recommend
that I take to hospital with me - and where to place them - in order to
increase my rate of healing, reduce my scarring and to help avoid infections
and complications of the wound?

I am quite anxious that this procedure is successful and as less painful and
problem free as possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.



Hi Narelle,

Congratulations to you on your weight loss!  Let's focus on calming the emotions,strengthening the immune system and creating skin regeneration. Here's what I'd recommend:

Apophylite - helps one overcome worries and anxiety

Blue Calcite -good for recuperation and anxiety

Fluorite - regenerates the skin and is great for healing

Aqua Aura - strengthens the immune system

I'm also sending an article on programming your crystals.  Put them in a pouch and program them before you go into surgery. Ask the staff to make sure that the pouch goes into the operating room with you and comes out with you.  As you're recuperating,sleep with it under your pillow.

Sending you healing for your upcoming surgery!

Love and Harmony,

Posted on March 15, 2009
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