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In the "Crystals for Cancer" video, Lourdes (who happens to be a Cancer), and Tara suggest Selenite, Blue CalciteMoonstone, Carnelian, Chalecedony, and Ruby.
Those born under the sign of Cancer who are known to be "Sentimental and Independent".

Other Crystals Associated with Cancer:

Crystal Suggestions for Cancer the Crab

Moonstone is the natural first choice for Cancer.
Widely regarded as the birthstone for Cancer, Moonstone is linked to Cancer’s ruling planet, the Moon, and helps to stabilize highly emotional and sometimes moody Cancer. A stone of intuition, Moonstone helps Cancers capture and use their naturally high intuitive abilities, and can enhance psychic gifts common to Cancers, like clairvoyance and clairaudience. Moonstone can ease Cancer’s worried mind when he/she is concerned about loved ones, something Cancer is prone to do. Moonstone balances the emotional body, and can be
used on the Solar Plexus Chakra to draw out old, unneeded emotional patters.

Red Jasper - Cancers are known for their nurturing, but one of Cancer’s biggest lessons is to learn to nurture his/her self instead of always focusing on others. This trait of water signs can be balanced with fire energy, and Red Jasper is a good stone for this. Gentle Red Jasper is considered by some Native American groups to be the blood of the Earth, and its fire can inspire Cancer towards self-love. Red Jasper is also full of grounding Earth energy - and most Cancers can always use a bit of grounding.

Chrysocolla supports Home and the nurturing home environment that is essential to all Cancers. Gentle Chrysocolla draws off any negative energy in the home, and supports the peaceful home that Cancer needs. Chrysocolla also soothes sometimes sensitive Cancer, and helps him/her not to be so touchy and easily threatened.

Carnelian - Cancers are among the most creative souls on Earth. This creativity sometimes has difficulty manifesting in reality, however, owing to Cancer’s high intuitive and imaginative levels. Carnelian helps to anchor this creative genius into the physical plane, and grounds Cancer’s creations into reality.

Chrysoprase teaches Cancer to accept him/her self as he/she is. Cancers can be prone to emotional co-dependence on others, and Chrysoprase supports Cancer’s independence while maintaining healthy and committed relationships.

Moss Agate sooths emotional wounds, and helps sentimental Cancer let go of the past, especially people in the past. Moss Agate brings mental balance, and aids in processing unpleasant memories of relationships gone bad. Moss Agate also brings release from old emotional habits.

Pink Calcite - A powerful yet gentle energy clearer, Pink Calcite clears negative energy from a room or home. Pink Calcite may also be used to clear out old energy patters that it may be time to release.

Pink Tourmaline can aid sentimental Cancers in letting go of the past.

Zodiac Cancer Mix

If you wanted to gift the Cancer in your life with some crystals, we have the perfect gift bag that includes Moonstone and Red Jasper. Moonstone helps to stabilize the highly emotional and sometimes moody Cancer, while the fire energy of red Jasper can teach self-love. It is a stone full of grounding earth energy which can be beneficial for a Cancer.


Posted on November 13, 2013

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