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From: mary
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 10:53 AM
Subject: Comment from - Discount Prices on Healing
Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

I've been over your database, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for in
the huge amount of information there.

and I've done searches...but when I put the word 'HEART' in, I get an awful
lot about heart chakras and healing the emotional heart.
I'm looking for a stone that might be good for physical heart ailments;
racing heart/ irregular heart beat/pounding heart/tightness or pain around
the heart. (comes on all by itself...not caused by any apparent mental or physical
stress. Sometimes it is just there and then it's not, sometimes for a long
time...hours or days...sometimes just a moment....been like this for years,
but it's rather bothersome at times.)

Any stones that might address this?

thanks ~ mr


Hi Mary,

Thank you for your question regarding physical heart ailments, specifically racing heart, irregular heart beat, tightness and pain around the heart.

Before I begin the crystal recommendations I'd like to gently remind you that physical ailments are a reflection of something going on in the mind, body and spirit - whether we're conscious of the source or not.  With that said, I would like to suggest that the physical heart afflictions can be an indicator of the heart opening on an energetic level.  (Metaphysically speaking, a heart attack is when the heart opens too quickly and is unable to assimilate the vast amounts of light coming into the body).  So my recommendations are directed toward opening the heart.

Ruby - Halances the heart

Amazonite - Heals and opens the heart chakra

Pink Calcite - Heals nervous conditions and alleviates tension and anxiety

Peridot - Opens, cleanses and activates the heart and helps release old energy.

Green Quartz - Opens and stabilizes the heart chakra.

Serephenite - Cleanses the heart helping it open to love.

In addition to using crystals, it's always advisible to seek medical assistance when needed.  Use your inner guidance to lead you to the right choice.

Much love and light to you on the journey,

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