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From: Sherry
Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2007 1:15 PM
To: Shawn Adler
Subject: RE: Sherry - - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

I'm new at this.  I'm told I need to work on my root first.  I'm also having hip, lower back pain.  

I take meds for depression, anxiety, high bp, and sleeping pill.

So what should I be doing?  they tell me to tune the stones to my body..  like huh??


Dear Sherry~

Greetings, and welcome to our shop.  While we cannot give out any medical advice, I can think of some stones that might help you to work on the subtle energy aspects of your problems.  Before we discuss that, I want to address your question about "tuning the stones".  What I interperet this to mean is that it is helpful for to attune to your stones when they are first acquired.  What this means is that when you receive a new crystal, you spend some time with that crystal by sleeping with it in your hand or under your pillow, carry it around in your pocket or purse, and/or meditate with it on a regular or semiregular basis.  This helps you to not only "get to know" your stone, but the crystal can also "get to know" you, and this is what I refer to as "attuning to your crystal".  I have received stones that at first glance, did nothing for me, but after spending a week or two with that stone, I discovered its special purpose with me.  

Now, on to your stones...

Firstly, there are many stones that people use for pain.  Clear Quartz is the most widely known crystal used for healing and pain relief, and it has worked for me in a number of situations.  Not only does Clear Quartz help to strengthen the aura, but it also sends consistent healing energy into any area on which it is placed.  By programming this crystal, you can amplify the healing energy naturally produced by Quartz.  Clear Quartz is also a great meditation aid, and can help to align the subtle energy bodies, bringing greater balance to one's life.  To take a look at some examples of Clear Quartz, click here:

Black Tourmaline is an excellent Root Chakra stone that can help provide pain relief.  It is often used to ground very high frequencies into the lower chakras.  Black Tourmaline is a very popular metaphysical stone that is well-known for its ability to draw negative energies away and promote positive thoughts.  Supportive Black Tourmaline is helpful for all types of negative energies, but especially stress and tension.  Black Tourmaline is also used to protect against electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress.  We have some nice Black Tourmaline pieces at the following link:

Secondly, I can tell you that many people also take the medications that you have been prescribed.  Try not to feel too much guilt for this, as it seems that the number of people coping with emotional or mental issues continues to increase dramatically, as if they are symptoms of a much larger problem that is occurring within our society.  It's as if there is some great schism in the whole of humanity that we all are trying to fill in some way. At one time, humanity lived in harmony with nature and now it seems that most of us have been divorced from it.  We live in inorganic homes that keep us isolated from our communities, and many of us literally work in boxes as well.  We've become so dependant on radical technology that it is common for one to feel naked without a cell phone, for example.  One might argue that the one who isn't feeling anxious or depressed is the one who has the real problem.  

My point here is that there is a need for us all to look much deeper within ourselves to discover the core issue causing all these uncomfortable symptoms, so we can then work to change the circumstances at fault.  One way to do this is meditation, and working with crystals can help to accomplish this goal.  Of course, you should never abruptly discontinue any prescribed medications without first consulting your doctor.  As mentioned, Clear Quartz is a wonderful meditation aid, helping in numerous ways to quiet the mind so that the right state is acheived, but there are many other crystals used for opening the mind to frequencies from the higher self.  

One such crystal, that happens to also be used for pain relief, is Amethyst.  A highly spiritual stone, Amethyst can help one to get in touch with the unconscious mind, providing insight into any symptoms or ailments causing problems.  Amethyst is prized for its ability to work on all types of pain, whether emotional, physical, spiritual, or other.  Amethyst works on the subtle level by balancing the subtle energy bodies and cleansing the aura.  Meditation with Amethyst can bring new insights into issues that may or may not have been addressed by you in the past.  Amethyst is said to relieve pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.  If you could only get one crystal, Amethyst would be my best bet for you, since it covers all of the symptoms you mentioned.  You can see our offerings of Amethyst here:

Citrine could be another helpful crystal for you.  Encouraging optimism, joy, and abundance, sunny Citrine can provide an energizing vibe of vitality and hope when it is most needed, helping to lesson depression and negativity.  Citrine is known as a stone of prosperity and generosity, and is used in abundance rituals with candles to help attract these energies to the user.  Citrine works mainly with the Solar-Plexus and Sacral Chakras, although it can have some activating effects on the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras.  We have some nice examples of Citrine here:    

Citrine makes a great compliment to Amethyst, so much so that they are often found together in the form of Ametrine, which beautoully combines the two energies of these crystals.  Our Amethrine can be seen at this link:  

For crystals that help with depression, you may want to try:

Lithium Quartz is so named for its content of the mineral Lithium, used in antidepressant medications.  Lithium Quartz carries calming and soothing energies that encourage one to approach problems from a calm and centered perspective.  Lithium Quartz can pull higher density vibrations in from the Third-Eye and direct them into the Heart Chakra for healthy assimilation.  You can take a look at Lithium Quartz here:

Selenite is a highly spiritual crystal that can infuse the user with high vibrational energies, bringing insight and access to the higher self.  A great aid for meditation and spiritual development, Selenite can infuse the human energy field with angelic vibrations, preventing negative energies from infiltrating one's aura.  Take a look at our Selenite here:  

Known as the stone of love, Rose Quartz imparts a vibration of empathy and compassion directly into the Heart and Higher Heart Chakras, which brings inner peace and a ghreater capacity for universal love.  Rose Quartz can be quite helpful to those who find themselves depressed or sad.  As soon as one holds gentle but powerful Rose Quartz in the hand, the calming and soothing vibes can be felt radiating into the body and its aura.  Rose Quartz makes a great aid for chronic or traumatic depressions or anxieties, and are most helpful when held or carried.  Our Rose Quartz selection can be seen here:    

Considering the crystals I have listed here cover many of the chakras, you might consider a chakra assortment, that way you can eventually work with each of your chakras, one at a time, beginning with the Root Chakra of course.  You can view our chakra assortments here:

For more information on the Root Chakra and its associated crystals, please see our newsletter on the subject here:

Some crystals, like Clear Quartz can be programmed to perform certain functions such as healing.  We have an article on programming stones here:  

It is also important to cleanse your crystals when you use them regularly.  For information on clearing your stones, please see our newsletter here:  

I sincerely hope this information helps you.  You have a alot to look over here, so take your time to look at the links offered above before making any decisions.  Feel free to come back if you have anymore questions about any of the material listed above.  I wish you much luck on your personal crystal journey.

Peace and Blessings,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on December 05, 2007

    (Submitted by: Edie on May 19, 2017)
  Very interesting... corresponding to what I already know  (Submitted by: Jo on May 17, 2014)
  This article helped me a lot. I have a friend who is looking for the same type of help. {: I'm very exctied to share him with as much information thats provided. Got great vibes, and inuition. Thanks for posting!  (Submitted by: Brettylove on July 30, 2011)

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