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From: Catherine
Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2007 2:18 PM
Subject: - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

It just occurred to me that I can use crystals to help me with the one thing that tries my patience to the utmost: traffic!

My ride to work takes about 30 minutes and the traffic is not too terrible but I admit that driving in traffic is the one thing that just irritates me! People are such awful drivers (except me, of course ). It particularly bothers me to see people driving so slow on the highspeed roadways and then you see they are yakking on the cell phone. They are clearly not paying attention and it is dangerous as well as annoying. Then there are those people who cut you off because they were not checking the lane they moved into.

So what should I do? Is there a particular kind of crystal (or crystals!) I can program to help me with this problem? )Of course I would probably have to cleanse and program the thing everyday!)

Clearly I need patience and also something to protect me from bad drivers!

Thanks in advance for your help.



Dear Catherine,

As you know, you are not alone in your situation. There are many of us who get irritated when driving in traffic (me included .

First off, I am addressing the protection aspect of your email. Labradorite is very protective and helps one enhance intuition. This stone works with all the chakras, and protects and strengthens the aura, as well as the energies within. This can not only guard against a loss of your own energy, but can also help you to keep your cool while on the road.

Another inherently protective stone is Flourite. This crystal generally works with all chakras, and guards against negativity very well. I grid my house with it whenever I am noticing particularly strong negative energies around. You might consider placing a Flourite in each angle of your vehicle, so you have four of them around the perimeter of the inside.

As I have said in other posts, to affect any kind of improvement in our lives, we can only work on ourselves. So this is where patience comes in to the picture. I see from your message that you are having a problem with the other drivers on the road. This is not abnormal. We all get frustrated when we see others on the road who are not paying attention. The only thing you can really do about this is somehow find a way to feel peacefullness within yourself, and forgiveness for those around you.

That being said, I am citing Amethyst for peacefulness, and Chrysoprase for forgiveness. Addressing the Third-Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras, Amethyst is a very peaceful stone, imparting a sense of calm and well-being to the person holding or wearing it. As a bonus, Amethyst is a spiritually protective stone that is said to enhance intuition as well. Chrysoprase works with the Heart Chakra to encourage one to recognize the interconnectedness of all. It helps one to release negative emotions, especially those related to fear, and imparts love and forgiveness to the wearer. Perhaps you might wear an Amethyst pendant and carry a piece of Chrysprase in your pocket when driving.

I hope this helps. Besides just using the stones when you're on the road, it might be helpful for you to meditate with each one before you actually use them in action. Also, be sure to clear all these stones from time to time, depending on the severity of your emotions.

Happy Driving!


~Crystal CAT

Posted on March 09, 2007
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