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From: matthew
Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2009 3:49 PM
Subject: Comment from


I was wondering if you could suggest some gems/crystals for helping me
achieve a self-induced OBE. I have been trying to and reading about astral
projection for a few months now and although I am making progress, it is
quite slow.

Thanks, future customer...


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your interest in Healing Crystals.  To facilitate OBE, we recommend the following crystals because they facilitate lucid dreaming and astral travel.  All of these stones can be placed on the third eye to help calm the body and bring it into a relaxed meditative state.  I've included links to our products:


Herkimer Diamonds

Blue Kyanite

Green Kyanite

In addition to the above crystals, I'd recommend the following stones to safety aid you in your journey:



We hope this gives you some options to help facilitate self-induced OBE.  And remember to be patient with the process!  If you continue to "grasp" the opportunity will pass you by!

Love and Light,

Posted on February 17, 2009

  I had a very intense amazing OBE using Moldavite and Brown Tourmaline. Try those!  (Submitted by: Jess on July 17, 2013)

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