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From: evelyn
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2007 1:22 AM
Subject: - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

Hello!  I was wondering if you would be able to guide me in choosing the correct crystals for the use in my profession.  I am an aesthetician, so I am constantly touching other people, which crystals would be best to protect myself from absorbing negative energy or tramsmitting it to my clients?  And how often do you need to cleanse your crystals?

I am also looking for healing crystals that I can use during my facial treatments to help my clients relax and remove stress.  Thank you!

One more question :)  When you wear crystals as pendants do they provide the same energy as the loose ones?  And how often would you need to cleanse them if you wear them?

Sorry for all of the questions, this is new territory for me :)

Thank you again!


Dear Evelyn~

Greetings and welcome to our website! You have a number of questions here, so let's get down to it...

Anyone who works with people on a regular basis should be wearing some type of Quartz to enhance the size and strength of the aura, making one more impervious to negativity coming off of others.  Clear Quartz is very programmable and great for amplifying intention.  If you wear any type of Quartz as a pendant, it can be easily cleansed daily, by holding it under running water for 30 seconds or so, while you visualize any negaivity flowing into the running water, going down the drain.  You can take a look at the various types of Quartz pendants we have available here:

Another crystal that would be helpful for you to have is Phenacite, which happens to be one of my personal favorites.  Having the highest vibration of the mineral kingdom, Phenacite can help you keep your vibrations up, even in the darkest of environments. During a particularly negative time, you can place a piece of Phenacite on the top of your head to raise your personal vibration to a higher level.  To see some Phenacite, check out this link:

Rose Quartz is a great stone to have clients hold during treatments.  I have clients hold it during Reiki sessions, and they seem to benefit from it.  A crystal for the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz emits a soothing vibe, especially to those who are grieving any type of loss.  Known as a stone of love, Rose Quartz can send a feeling of Divine Love into the chakras for processing by the subtle bodies.  We have a nice selection of Rose Quartz on this page:

Another great stone for relieving stress and tension is Amethyst.  A highly spiritual stone, Amethyst is excellent for bringing a vibration of peace into an otherwise stressful person.  Amethyst is said to transmute negative energy into positive, making it quite helpful to both you and your clients during your sessions.  Amethyst Clusters can be placed in your office to send vibrations of tranquility out into the environment.  To see our Amethyst, take a look at this page:

Each of the crystals I have mentioned here can be cleansed quickly by holding them under running water for a few seconds, as I mentioned above.  If used on a daily basis, they should be cleansed as often, for they will absorb negativity from the environment.  Whether they are used as natural pieces or worn as pendants, the energy comes from the mineral, and it should be relatively similar.  Sometimes, you might notice a difference in the strength or speed of energy coming from a natural mineral versus a cut and polished one, but they are pretty close and often indistinguishable.  

I hope this information helps you in your work.  For more information about clearing your stones, you can take a look at our article on that subject here:  

We also have an article on programming crystals here:

Feel free to email us again if you have any more questions.  I wish you much luck and many blessings for the new year.

Peace and Joy,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on January 03, 2008
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