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"’My birthdate is 18-10-1992, which stone can I use for overall growth (Health, Money problems, Success)? How can I use it and how much will it cost?"



Greetings A,

Thank you for your crystal inquiry.

According to the zodiac signs you would be a Libra. This link, Libra Mix, has two crystals that are helpful to those with your birthdate. The Lapis Lazuli will help to encourage you to speak up and communicate. Tiger's Eye will help with focus and courage to take on any situation that comes your way.

These crystals can be carried with you daily to help facilitate the things you want in your life.

Cleanse them at least once a week if you use them often. Here is a link for cleansing and charging to help you.

You will find pricing for the crystal set as you scroll on each page.

I hope you find this helpful!
Terreasa Burgess, from Enchanted Thyme Gift Shop


DISCLAIMER: We feel that crystals can complement other therapies and support energetic well-being. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.

Posted on November 20, 2019
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