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The first half of this article “Crystals for Women Part 1” explains how divine feminine energies have been suppressed in the world, and how Carnelian and Moonstone are wonderful crystals to start restoring them. This article expands upon beneficial crystals for women with Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, and Smokey Quartz.

Crystals Beneficial for the Divine Feminine

Pearl and Mother of Pearl

Pearl and Mother of Pearl is traditionally connected to the energy of the Moon and the Water element, providing nourishment for the emotions and the soul. Its gentle, almost motherly energy supports the feminine aspects of yourself, making you more aware of your sensual side, your inner calm, and beauty. This is why it is often remarked that a pearl necklace makes the wearer more youthful. 

Pearls make you more receptive to energies that are helpful for dealing with both physical and spiritual realms.  Practically, it means that if you generally have a hard time accepting help from others or listening to your angels or intuition, pearls are going to help you become more open to receive and have an easier flow of exchange with others.

Highly protective for all women, but especially for mothers, they bring purity, simplicity, dignity, and honesty to all of your interactions.

They work well for the issues of the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, and help with metabolism.

Rose Quartz

Natural Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is universally recognized as a “love stone,” this crystal heals emotional wounds and gently soothes the heart and soul. It is very popular due to the belief that it attracts soul-mates.

Some people find this crystal unappealing or even feel uncomfortable to hold; this usually indicates a lack of self-love and self-esteem. If you find yourself in this category, try to do one nice thing for yourself every day so you start sending a steady flow of gentle and loving energy to yourself. By increasing your self-love and self-worth you will release negative thoughts and emotions so new loving energies can take their place in your life.

If there are any unresolved issues from childhood, especially in regards to the relationship with your mother figure, this crystal will first bring that to the surface for clearing. For those who want to work with Rose Quartz in this way, combining it with Black Tourmaline will cut straight to the root of the issue very quickly and speed up the whole process. Depending on your situation, finding a therapist to assist with this progression might be of great help.

Once the issues are resolved, you will find that holding or wearing Rose Quartz will elicit completely different feelings—calming, supportive, loving, and gentle—towards yourself and others. This development might attract a similarly loving soul into your life.

It is recommended to hold a piece of Rose Quartz at the Heart Chakra every night before sleep for about 15 minutes to resolve and release the emotional disharmony generated throughout the day. Using Rose Quartz this way can provide you with a peaceful night’s sleep.

Physically, this crystal also helps relieve headaches and menstrual pain, and supports weight-loss programs and circulatory systems in the body.


Natural Ruby

If you find yourself in a situation where you realize that you have lost your passion for life, doubt your inner strength, or simply cannot find the physical strength to keep going, Ruby is the crystal you need. Ruby seamlessly combines vitality, strength, love, and protection, showing you how these energies can combine and complement your feminine power.

It helps you regain and retain focus on your priorities and goals, invigorating the soul with new hope, joy, and motivation.  It centers and grounds by aligning you with your soul purpose; this gives you the inner strength to accomplish anything you want and need. It is also a stone that increases sensuality, healthy sexuality, and fertility.

It works on the physical body by improving overall circulation, strengthening the immune system, and supporting the Root Chakra. This chakra governs survival instincts, security, self-assuredness, safety, and adaptability. It also connects you to your roots, Mother Nature, and grounds you to focus on the present moment.

Ruby is a strongly protective stone, great for effortlessly setting boundaries—those who are easily affected by the thoughts, moods, and emotions of others find Ruby to provide a strong shield.

Smokey Quartz

Natural Smokey Quartz Cluster

As much as feminine power is about emotional strength and receptive energies, it also involves physical wellbeing and strong energy boundaries. If, like most women, you tend to overwork and regularly forget about making time for yourself, Smokey Quartz is a crystal for you.

Start working with it by taking it in your hands after a long day of work, and you will soon feel that you are more relaxed. It releases all moods, thoughts, and feelings not your own that have accumulated in your aura during the workday, bringing you back to yourself. The worries and anxieties of the day will begin to peel away from you and disappear.

The dark variety of Smokey Quartz is especially useful for any kind of pain, from joint pain to cramps to PMS. Putting it at the place of the ache will immediately provide relief and alleviate discomfort. In this case, the bigger the stone, the better the healing effect. If you can’t get a big crystal, use several small stones to cover as much of the afflicted area as possible.

The lighter variety of Smokey Quartz is great to wear as jewelry throughout the day, especially in the form of a necklace or a pendant that hangs close to your heart—it keeps a shield up between your aura and all the outside influences in the way that it continuously purifies the aura so that outside influences do not get hold in your auric body. Pair it up with Clear Quartz for a stronger effect.

Recommendations for Cleansing

While there are many ways to cleanse your crystals, here are my recommendations for the above-mentioned crystals:

  • Clean your Pearls each time after you wear them with a soft cloth and keep in a satin-lined box or a soft cloth pouch. Recharge under the light of the Full Moon.
  • Make sure to cleanse Rose Quartz regularly under running water for about 5 minutes, and recharge it next to a piece of Clear Quartz overnight. Sunlight will fade its coloring.
  • Cleanse your Ruby under running water for a few minutes and charge in the sunlight for about 2 hours.
  • Cleanse Smokey Quartz under running water and recharge it next to a Clear Quartz crystal, in the sunlight, moonlight, or on the soil of a healthy plant.


Hopefully you will find these suggestions helpful and supportive of your femininity in all its forms.
Enjoy yourself and your progress towards reclaiming feminine power.


This is an article by Brana from Crystal Cosmopolitan

Posted on January 29, 2014

  Very interesting , informative article ! Thanks for sharing information.  (Submitted by: Pam on December 03, 2015)

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