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Winter is in full swing in Virginia, where Healing Crystals is located, and we thought it would be a good idea to introduce some crystals that may make the winter time a little easier. This is a time when many people experience lack of motivation, low energy, weakened immune system and even Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). While a combination of exercise, healthy diet, and plenty of rest can help, you may also want to try working with crystals known for their revitalizing and energy-boosting properties. To experience the positive changes described below, try carrying or wearing one or two crystals from the list below daily and notice when your energy and your mood get uplifted. Even though I refer to crystal writers in this text, I have tried all of them myself, and have been recommending them over the years to friends and clients to use during winter time with great results.

Crystals for Winter

Crystals for Adjusting to Winter

Ruby is one of the first crystals recommended by crystal writers and crystal healers for treating lethargy and exhaustion. It is strongly energizing and invigorating, stimulating the flow of energy through the body and strengthening vitality. Being a first chakra stone, it is especially good with increasing circulation in legs and feet. With Ruby, one feels that all things are possible and gets a renewed passion for life.

If the energy of Ruby is too strong for you, you may enjoy the energy of another red stone - Red Jasper. Similarly to Ruby, Red Jasper warms cold limbs, increases energy and stamina and is even reputed to prevent illnesses. While some crystal writers say that it works slowly and that its effects can be felt over a period of several days, many people - including myself - actually experience an immediate yet gentle influx of energy within minutes.

Pyrite, an iron-sulfide mineral, is great when you need to fight infections, lower the fever, and reduce inflammation. Holding one in each hand can bring a quick burst of energy and carrying one in each pocket may ensure a steady flow of supportive energy throughout the day, especially during times of extra stress. Since it is also a highly protective stone, it works on repairing one’s aura and preserving personal boundaries—a necessity for a healthy life.

One crystal that is recommended by almost all crystal writers for those who get the “winter blues” is Sunstone.  Described as “a ray of sunshine,” it stimulates the endocrine system and brings warmth to the body, at the same time increasing the “feel-good” attitude. With it, one feels inspired, creative, joyful, good-natured, and optimistic.

Carnelian is another orange-colored stone that both strengthens and protects the aura from outside influences, keeping personal energy at high level. Along with green and multicolored Fluorite, Carnelian is an excellent stone for those who find themselves in proximity with people who are sick. Both of these crystals stimulate our body’s immune system and fight against infections. They are my staples when travelling by plane or have to be around a lot of people in a small or closed space.

If you feel like you miss the color yellow, use Citrine. Besides its therapeutic properties based on its color, it is warming when carried next to your skin. Citrine also very quickly transmutes negative into positive energy and restores optimism and joy.

Now close your eyes and see what crystal came to your mind right away... That may be the one to get for your journey through winter!  


Article by Crystal Cosmopolitan

Posted on January 18, 2013

  Awesome!! I am just getting started with Crystals. I am studying as much as I can. This Article is right on time. I am one of those (SAD) people so this article really speaks to me. I see the Sunny Vibrations! Reds, ambers, yellow, gold and orange tones of the gems/precious stones mentioned in this article. It is making so much sense! The color/vibration coordination and combinations. I am so excited now. The color codes are great clues. THANK YOU!!!  (Submitted by: Nyssia M on January 24, 2013)
    (Submitted by: Geddon on January 18, 2013)

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