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Crystals for Transitions

by Tara Mideaker


Crystals to assist during transitions and transformations:

ARIES:  Rhodonite prepares you and balances your actions so you don't shoot past your goal.

TAURUS:  Stilbite strengthens your determination, but allows for valuable flexibility.

GEMINI:  Snowflake Obsidian lets you be versatile without being distracted by obsessions. 

CANCER:  Yellow Jasper helps you retain your composure and enables you to let go.

LEO:  Red Jasper lets you be creative and genuine without too much drama getting in the way.

VIRGO:  White Jade lets you appreciate things as they are and eliminate the compulsion to fix everything.

LIBRA:  Brown Striped Jasper helps you maintain control and not sacrifice yourself for peace.

SCORPIO:  Black Agate lets you manage your emotions to find the good, rather than focusing on darker thoughts.

SAGITTARIUS:  Bronzite will help you extract what is beneficial and leave the rest behind on your new explorations.

CAPRICORN:  Yellow Calcite lets you see how eliminating what is not working is in your best interest.

AQUARIUS:  Ruby intensifies your new thought patterns, but keeps them from overpowering others.

PISCES:  Golden Tiger Eye lets you consider the effects of your actions without getting lost in your thoughts.