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I am interested in your healing crystals. I sustained a spinal cord injury 4 years ago. I read that the Alexandrite crystal helps heal the central
nervous system and is good for tissue regeneration. Would this one be the best one for me or could you suggest others.



Dear M~

While Alexandriteis said to be regenerative, it is quite rare and we don't always have it in stock. However, I do have some other choices that may be helpful for your situation.

Some crystals commonly used for spinal issues are Kunzite, Selenite, and Hematite.

Like Alexandrite, Kunzite is regenerative. It works with DNA in healing cellular structure when addressing spinal problems. Some speculate that it is Kunzite's tendency to clear out both energetic and physical blockages which lends to its healing characteristics. Kunzite works with the Higher Heart Chakra, which can be helpful in uncovering any hidden, emotional causes for your problem. You can view our Kunzite crystals here:

Selenite is a wonderful crystal that is both spiritually and physically healing. It is believed to have specific action on the spine, bringing it into balance and healing injuries by bringing higher energies to the area. Selenite works mainly with the upper Chakras, Third-Eye through the Etheric Chakras, which can raise your energies to a higher level, thereby facilitating more healing with higher frequencies. Our Selenite selection can be found here:

Finally, protective Hematite is another stone that brings balance and can focus on problems with the spine. It is said to help mend breaks and promote alignment, and is often used by placing one Hematite crystal on the lower spine and one on the upper spine or back of the neck. This crystal works with the Root Chakra and is very grounding, and as such, makes the perfect complement for the other two crystals I mentioned. It can bring the higher frequencies of energy received from the two Higher-Chakra stones above down into your everyday reality. You can take a look at our Hematite crystals here:

The stones mentioned above will work synergistically with each other to make the highest healing energies from the crystals available to you, by covering all of the chakras. Together, in a crystal layout on the body, they are much more than the sum of their parts, and can facilitate the balancing and aligning one's energetic, emotional, and physical self. Crystals should always be cleansed when you receive them to remove any unwanted energies from them. Please note that Selenite and Kunzite are friable and must not be placed in water, earth, or salt, and I would recommend using the following methods for clearing these crystals: smudging, Reiki or other healing energies, or sound.

Some methods for clearing your crystals can be found here:

Once you have cleansed your stones,it will be important for you to program them with your intent for healing.

Some methods for programming your crystals can be found here:

I hope these suggestions help you with your concerns. I wish you much luck and will send you healing energies for your purposes.


~Crystal CAT

Posted on May 10, 2007

  Thank you so much for this information. My mom has been experiencing some issues with her spine and is currently going through physical therapy. I am pretty new to using crystals and I’m just wondering would I actually put the Selenite on her spine?  (Submitted by: Farah on September 19, 2020)
  Hi there! I'm a certified crystal healer and experience back issues myself. Two years ago I herniated a disc in my cervical spine, experienced dexterity issues and lost control of my bladder. I was hospitalized for immediate surgery. I had two disc surrounding the herniated one that were bulging. They wanted to remove all three discs and replace them. I immediately declined and treated myself naturally. I'm doing quite well in that aspect, but have now herniated a disc in my lower back.

You can place the selenite on her back. I would look for a long piece (I have one that's about a foot and a half) and place it vertically, a long her spine. You can also place smaller pieces for the same effect. One way that I prefer is to use selenite as a "wand" to brush energy away. For example, if you focus on her low back, run the wand (slightly above her skin, not touching it) down towards her tailbone, over her bum and away, in a gentle wisping motion, it should help clear energy blocks. But simply sitting the stones on her back as she meditates or rests would work just as well. Remember to set your intention as you work with the selenite. Intention, like prayer, is a powerful tool for manifestation. Good luck! I wish your mother well!

-Zeffie  (Submitted by: Zeffie on December 17, 2020)
    (Submitted by: KIMBERLY on June 21, 2018)
  I found this response excellent to implement helping my son who has had back surgery this year. Thank you  (Submitted by: JoAnn on August 28, 2011)

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