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"I need protection against my ex. He affects us horribly when he is here. My daughter's behavior changes for the worst. I'm afraid he is going to hurt me when he's here as he's tried to kidnap her in the past. What crystals would be best to keep his devilish and negative energies away from us and protect us from his harm and maybe even keep him out of our home? Just looking for some great crystals with amazing good energies to help give me/my daughter support during these visits he has."



Hi A,

Thanks for reaching out to Healing Crystals. I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. I hate to state the obvious, but please, please call the police if you feel like you or your daughter are in physical danger. Crystals can do amazing things for us, but something as serious as fearing for your safety needs to be taken a step farther than energetic protection. I know that you know this and I have a feeling the police are already well aware of the situation, so that being said, I can absolutely recommend some protection crystals for you.

The first thing I would do is place Black Tourmaline in all 4 corners of the main floor of your home. This is a very protective stone that wards against negative energies entering the home. I would also place Selenite sticks on the windowsills. It sounds like he's an invited guest though, so it won't keep him away as long as he's welcome into your home, but it may neutralize some of the negativity. I would then keep Smoky Quartz and Amethyst somewhere out in the open, where it's obvious and in close contact to where you'll be gathered, so living room, kitchen, etc. Smoky quartz absorbs negativity and amethyst works like a vacuum to pick up any of the residual energetic debris. Other really great protection stones are Tiger EyeJetObsidian, and Turquoise. Protection crystals (and all crystals, really) work differently depending on the people and the situation, so try a few of these and see how they work. If you aren't satisfied with the results, try a different combination until you find one that seems to work, but I highly recommend the black tourmaline and smoky quartz to start with.

Please stay safe and if you need help, please call the police. You know where to find us if we can be of any help in the future.

Best wishes,
Nicole Marie, from Sol Path Tarot and Crystal Magick


DISCLAIMER: We feel that crystals can complement other therapies and support energetic well-being. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.

Posted on December 20, 2019
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