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From: Elizabeth
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008 2:59 PM
Subject: Inquiry from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

hello, I am hopping that someone here can help me.  My son and his wife are being attacked by a negative energy in their home, it is chochking his wife and I need to know how to help them.  They are in texas, I am in California.  What can we do???
thank you in advance for your help and advice.
ELizabeth Wise


Dear Elizabeth~

Greetings and welcome to our shop.  I am sorry to hear about your son and daughter-in-law's predicament.  The situation you've described sounds like a negative entity is in the home. While something like this can be complicated and tricky, and I am by no means an expert on this particular subject, I can recommend a couple of procedures and a few stones that could offer some helpful energies to your son and daughter-in-law.  So let's get to it...  

A stone well-known for it's energies of protection against negative thought forms, spirits, and other entities, is Tektite.  Tektite is well-known for its ability to raise one's personal vibration.  Tektite is also known to facilitate telepathic communication, which might help in the determination of a motive behind the presence of this entity in their home.  To see our Tektites, take a look at this page:

Very popular for its metaphysical properties, Moldavite is another high-vibration stone that is known for its abilities to facilitate telepathic communication and rapid personal transformation.  In this particular situation, you could view Moldavite as a more powerful version of Tektite, for your purposes.  A powerful stone, Moldavite offers spiritual protection to those in need.  It might be helpful for your daughter-in-law to carry a piece of Moldavite on her whenever she is in the house, and both should keep a piece in the pillowcase.  Our Moldavite can be seen at this page:

Another stone known to be helpful against negative energies is Black Obsidian, which is also known for its ability to cleanse the aura.  Black Obsidian provides powerful protective energies, assisting one in the release of negative patterns and the removal of negative energetic attachments.  Black Obsidian is also said to enhance communication with spirits, which can help your son and daughter-in-law to determine the cause of this negative entity in their home.  Keeping pieces of Black Obsidian throughout the home can help to continually push away negative energies.  Black Obsidian is also used for scrying. If you would like to see our Black Obsidian, please take a look here:

A great crystal for spiritual issues is Amethyst.  Amethyst carries a high vibration that offers spiritual protection and purification.  These two qualities alone would be helpful in the situation you've described.  Acting as a barrier against lower vibrational frequencies, Amethyst is known to clear one's environment of all types of negative energies, and is a great aid for all those on a spiritual journey.  Amethyst can be used in combination with Moldavite for an increase in effects.  As a cluster, Amethyst can be set in place to send out its higher vibrations into the house.  See our Amethyst on this page:

Beyond protective stones for this issue, I also want to mention a couple of things that can be done to help raise the vibrational energy in the home.  First, it might be helpful for them to walk through the home, with some sage burning, to clear away negative vibrations throughout the environment.  Tell them to keep a window or two open during this process, in order to allow negative energies to escape.  Another common procedure is to get one of those cinnamon brooms they sell at grocery stores and actually walk through the house, sweeping the air all the way up to the door, where they would then sweep that negative vibration right out the door.  During both of these rituals, it is helpful to visualize any and all negative energies leaving the house, and being replaced with clear, white light.  

Finally, since the entity seems to focus on your daughter-in-law, I suggest that she take a nice hot bath, with some Dead Sea Salts, an Amethyst Cluster, a white washcloth, and some Lavender Essential Oil.  She should put 30 drops of the Lavender Oil directly on the Amethyst Cluster and then place the cluster in the bathtub, not too close to the drain. Then, she should put about a cup of Dead Sea Salts on the tub floor and start filling up the tub with water as hot as she can stand it, with the Amethyst Cluster in the tub.  Once the tub is about half full, she can sit in it, and put the white washcloth over the Amethyst Cluster with the Lavender Oil on it.  As strange as it may sound, she should then use the cluster with the washcloth over it like a loofa.  If it is too rough on the skin, she can double up the layers of the washcloth over the crystal.  This procedure is for correcting the alchemy of the body, to create a better connection between the self and the Divine Spirit.  This will in turn provide greater protection against negative entities and stronger personal and spiritual growth.  

I hope these suggestions offer some relief to your son and daughter-in-law.  If not, they might consider getting a professional psychic to help them, or perhaps it would be best for them to move out if nothing helps clear out the negative entity from the house.  Good luck to you and your family.

Peace and Blessings,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on February 06, 2008

  I really enjoyed this article.
I myself have had quite a few experiences.
I beleive the land my house is on is a vortex of sorts. Perhaps a pathway for those recently deceased to travel through before getting to their final rest.
I know it sounds crazy, but I have had so many experiences just in the house alone. From loud banging on the windows, to feeling someone sit on the bed next to me, my name being called, my bed moving. I am so used to it that it doesn't even phase me anymore hahahaha. I even try to reach out every now and then.
One thing though. They have never been violent.
Until about a week ago.
I was in between awake and asleep ... or maybe I was asleep, not really sure; but a woman pounced on my chest and started strangling me right in my bed. I couldn't see her face but she had long straight brown hair, a dark shirt and blue jeans. She was screaming something. This all happened in the darkness of my room, but I think I could see from the moonlight.
I jumped up out of breath and heart beating a mile a minute but there was no one there.I did burn sage the next day and used a vocal banishing as loud as I could, but I still feel more protection from this negative energy was needed.
I actually hung a natural quartz pendant with 7 chakra stones in my window and nothing has happened since.
Perhaps it was just an angry apirit coming through. I don't know, but I will take some of the crystals mentioned above and use them around the house,
Don't mind the positive spirits, but the negative ... no way :)
Terry Veitenheimer  (Submitted by: smiger on January 18, 2017)
  I am so glad I ran across this site with all this wonderful information. So far I have only used sage to cleanse the energies of my home but I'm finding that this isn't always enough. My son and I are magnets for spiritual energies and the negative ones like to play the trickster with me! It was suggested that to me that I look for black colored stones that resonate with me and place them in the corners of my home with selenite (to boost their power) so I set out on the internet in search of information on which stones I should look into and this is perfect!

I love the bath idea too! I will definitely share these ideas with others!

Blessed be,
Chandra  (Submitted by: Chandra on April 06, 2012)

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