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Subject: Crystals for Pneumonia
Date: 03/25/10
From: Athena L
To: Healing Crystals.

My mother is recuperating from pneumonia. She's having difficulty with swallowing and aspirating food/water. Deep breathing is also an issue with her at this time. Is there a crystal I can give her to assist with swallowing & opening her breathing passages? I've also been told that speech therapy is needed. Lately I've been drawn to Lapis, but are there other crystals I could bring to her?

Thank you.


Your mother is so very lucky to have such a loving support in you.  You are a blessing :)

Green Fluorite or Rainbow Fluorite (with some green in it) is highly recommended for those who have or are healing from pneumonia. Green Fluorite is one of the best crystals to use in order to heal infections, especially those of the lungs. It is also good to help treat any lung related illness/disease.

Bloodstone can help with lung congestion by removing toxins, easing the difficulty that breathing may present at this time and healing the breathing passages over time.

Amber can be used when one has lack of breath issues or not being able to breathe deeply. Amber also is a wonderful piece to use for throat issues (in this case, swollen and inflamed throat).

AmazoniteGreen Calcite, Chrysocolla,  and/or Peridot can help to remove infection and restore healthy lung function.

Kunzite and/or Morganite can help to clear and treat many lung conditions.

Rhodochrosite and/or Rose Quartz can also help with respiratory issues.

For your mom's throat issues, I would suggest some Angelite.  It can help to ease the inflammation, helping to reduce the swelling that is currently making it difficult to swallow.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Sending you and your mother much love and healing during this challenging time.

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on March 31, 2010

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