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There are many crystals for Mother's Day that you could use or buy, but let's talking about the mother bond quickly. The mother bond is about nurturing and unconditional love. That is what should be honored on Mother's day and connecting with our mother if we have a bond but also connecting with the Divine Feminine that balances the Masculine.

If you didn't have a bond with your mother or never knew her, remember to be a mom to yourself. You don't need to do everything and you're allowed to mother as well as nurture yourself.

If your mom has passed on, remember that just a thought connects you to her again. Connect with her memory in meditation or just spend a little bit of time honoring her with her favorite meal, place or hobby (even if you're bad at it!)

Crystals for Mother's Day

Mother's Day usually falls on the second Sunday of May yearly and in the below video, Lourdes and Tara suggest Ruby, Moonstone, and our Mother's Day Mix.

Ruby reveals the "Divine Love" in everything in the Universe and it can help us to see the true nature of love. Ruby can be connected to the Root Chakra, reminding you of your roots and to leave a sense of love and compassion for where you came from.

While Moonstone is wonderful for those who seek to embrace the "Goddess" within. It is a stone of intuition and insight into yourself. It's a great crystal for connecting you to the Divine Feminine.

Both of these crystals are great for the Heart Chakra and also promote giving yourself a little bit of love.

Crystal Ideas for Your Mom

Every mom is different and if you wanted to get her a few crystals based on her zodiac sign, we can assist you with the below ideas:

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Crystals for Aries, Crystals for Leo and Crystals for Sagittarius

  • The Aries Mom radiates a vibrant, happy energy so she will love crystals that matches her stamina like Ruby or Red Tiger Eye.
  • The Leo Mom likes crystals that will brighten everyone's day like Citrine or Yellow Aventurine.
  • The Sagittarius Mom wants to take her crystals out to play so she will love a Turquoise or Botswana Agate.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Crystals for Taurus, Crystals for Virgo and Crystals for Capricorn

  • The Taurus Mom makes everything special and precious so she will appreciate a Morganite or Tanzanite.
  • The Virgo Mom wants crystals that are purposeful and can do it all (like her!) so gift her with Fluorite or Carnelian.
  • The Capricorn Mom is willing to roll up her sleeves and build something special so gift her with a Rhodonite or Moss Agate.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Crystals for Gemini, Crystals for Libra, Crystals for Aquarius

  • The Gemini Mom enjoys when a lot is going on so she will want a mixed crystal like Ametrine or Herkimer Diamond.
  • The Libra Mom has so many great ideas that it is hard to choose so she will like Apatite or Sugilite.
  • The Aquarius Mom is inventive and caring and wants to give so much so she will enjoy Chrysocolla or Rhyolite.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Crystals for Cancer, Crystals for Scorpio and Crystals for Pisces

  • The Cancer Mom will enjoy cultivating a family of crystals so start her off with Pink or Blue Calcite.
  • The Scorpio Mom is focused on learning something new to share with everyone so she will enjoy Lapis Lazuli or Chalcopyrite.
  • The Pisces Mom is always dreaming up something amazing so she will love a Green Kyanite or Angelite.

Essential Oils for Mother's Day

We have a beautiful Mother's Day aroma-recipe that you could make your mom (and yourself) using Essential Oils along with crystals like Ruby and Moonstone. This spray is infused with a loving energy and would have a floral yet slightly spicy fragrance.

This would not only make a great gift but if you wanted to spray your crystals or space with a little bit of love and some Divine Feminine energy, this would be a great idea.


As we all know, every mom is unique and more than crystals for Mother's Day or essential oils, all they really want is a little bit of your time and love.

Have a beautiful Mother's Day and don't forget that you are loved.


Posted on November 07, 2013
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