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In today’s world, men are often conflicted in regards to how to balance the expectations placed on them in their professional and personal lives. As the famous psychologist and world-renowned author John Gray, Ph.D. suggests in his latest book, Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice, men and women are hormonally wired to think and behave in different ways.

Men typically find satisfaction in work, which is related to the production of the hormone testosterone. However, the levels of stress in today’s work environment and the ever-increasing demands on workers in any industry today easily create an imbalance where men feel pressured to pour all their energy into work and push their personal life and emotional relationships to the margins. Over time, this imbalance typically creates a range of health problems, including those that significantly erode a man’s self-esteem.

I strongly recommend reading Mr. Gray’s book for detailed explanations and advice, but here I will turn to crystals that may help to counteract this, create a greater balance and help in reducing stress, and thus provide you with a great foundation upon which to build a life that you desire.

Crystals for Men: Establishing Firm Foundations

Black Onyx

Black Onyx, a variety of chalcedony, was known since the time of Ancient Greece to be a strength-giving stone, recommended for athletes to help them increase their physical endurance.  It increases cell regeneration and is a highly protective and grounding stone, providing one with a sense of emotional balance and internal strength.

Black Onyx also helps men release their feelings of sadness in periods of grief. This is important, because due to social expectations, men have been taught to ignore or repress them, and that typically leads to all kinds of health problems, including heart-attacks. 

On other occasions, however, it is great for maintaining self-control, determination and focus. It repels the negative energy of others and transforms one’s excess energy by grounding it into a positive one. This provides a balanced inner emotional environment which is ideal for potentially stressful work situations. Through emanating emotional balance and inner strength, the wearer has the potential to strongly influence others and contribute to the peaceful resolution of arguments.


Used since the Bronze Age, Garnet is often described as a stone of passion and courage. It is a strong crystal that quickly restores and replenishes energy and infuses the body with physical strength by boosting circulation. It revitalizes one’s health and helps in the removal of toxins.  If you feel that the energy of Garnet has prompted the detoxifying process, make sure to drink plenty of water so that toxins are expelled from the body.

Since Garnet is associated with the base (Root) or first chakra, it strengthens our will for survival and activates numerous mechanisms for stabilizing our connection with the earthly world and with our place within that world. Bringing our attention back to the present, it helps us accomplish that which is essential for our general well-being.

It is also great for stabilization of relationships as well as connections between the intellectual and emotional realms. In relationships, it reinvigorates physical passion in a quite powerful manner.  At the same time, Garnet also promotes faithfulness and commitment based on a deep spiritual connection.

Garnet is a great motivator. For those who have become disillusioned with their job, it infuses new energy into old projects, provides one with new creative insights into resolution of old dilemmas, and makes one more productive and enthusiastic as a result. This is why it is also known as a stone for improving luck in business.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye carries several symbolic connotations: it is known as a stone of courage, a stone of “knowing”, a stone of manifesting prosperity, a stone of willpower, and a stone of protection.

Associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, it is extremely important for men, since most of the problems that men encounter go to their stomachs. In some parts of the world, there is an expression, “I can’t digest that”, which refers to something we dislike. It is not accidental that this particular term is used—it has been shown that many things we dislike but cannot express or cannot process for whatever reason, get lodged in our guts. This not only blocks our physical digestion and creates various health problems in terms of metabolism, but also prevents us accessing our “gut feelings” – another term for intuition which, especially for men, operates primarily from this place.

Many men have found that this stone helps them get into a state where those blocks are seen, their origin understood, and their cause(s) brought to awareness and cleared. Clearing this up opens the space for noticing the “gut feelings” again and “knowing” ahead of time what plan of action to take. The vibrations of Tiger’s Eye promote quiet determination, increase self-respect, solidify courage and help one get through tough times peacefully and productively.

Shop and restaurant owners, especially in China, found that wearing a ring or a pendant of Tiger’s Eye or having a tumbled Tiger’s Eye in or near the cash register brings them an increase in profit. This aspect of crystal properties is sometimes hardest to explain, but nevertheless has worked so many times that many take it for granted. Manifesting prosperity and abundance sometimes has to do with practicality, integrity, and determination and this is what Tiger’s Eye emphasizes.

How can we understand willpower and how is willpower manifested? Most dictionaries define it as an ability to have self-discipline; to accomplish tasks that contribute to the well-being of ourselves and others; to stand true to our word, and to align our thoughts, words and actions. Not very popular today at the time of easy gratification. It is, however, an essential component of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy self-esteem. There are several books on the market today that deal with this topic and propose various steps to building and maintaining our inner strength. In terms of crystals, it is the Tiger’s Eye that is one of the most recommended crystals for this purpose -  for all who are feeling unfocused, drained, who procrastinate, and who are easily distracted.


I would suggest working with these three crystals either separately or in combination, according to personal preference, prior experience with crystals, and the most pressing issue that you are facing. If you are a novice, working with just one crystal at first will be more beneficial, because you would be able to clearly observe the effects it has on you.

All of the above crystals are best energetically cleansed and recharged on the soil of a healthy plant or outside on the ground (for about 12 hours).


Article By Crystal Cosmopolitan

Posted on May 01, 2014

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