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Hi! I am wondering if you can suggest what crystal will help me with constipation. I am currently using Yellow Citrine, but if you have another that can help with that and digestive disorders please let me know. Oh yes, I am under the care of a gastroenterologist as well. Lastly, how do we know which stones help what disorders? Is it based upon the color of the stone and the Chakras? Thank you so much! Angie
Hi Angie,
I can definitely recommend a few others that can help with constipation and digestion issues. Let's start with one of my favorites, Amber.

Amber works very well  here. It is very lightweight, but packs quite a punch :) Try taping a piece to the body (around the intestinal area) before you go to bed. That way, the Amber and its healing energy can work while your body is at rest, which is the best time to absorb these energies. Amber acts as a purifying agent to the body, cleansing the area in which it is placed. This includes areas of the body as well as sacred spaces or environments.

Blue Calcite can also help with this issue. Its gentle energy is perfect to keep the body in a state of calm for and relaxation.  Gently soothing the nerves and lifting anxieties, it releases negative emotions. Think on it......if your intestines, colon, etc are all bound up, its like a huge traffic jam. No moving forward. This causes the body to tense up in a chain reaction type of way. Blue Calcite is really a necessary tool to relax the body.

Louise Hay suggests that constipation can be due to the refusal to let go of old ideas or issues, allowing one to remain stuck in the past. I love her new thought patterns that accompany each issue and I think it would be amazing to sit each day for just ten or fifteen minutes in a quiet time, holding a piece of blue calcite and repeating this mantra: "As I release the past, the new and fresh and vital enter. I allow life to flow through me."

The other recommendation I would like to suggest is Ruby. Ruby works with the lower intestines to help clean out any congestion or blockages in the area.  It also helps to heal any disruption of energy in that area of the body. For instance, the Root chakra can be holding on to, or healing from hurts of the past. For instance, if you have had any surgery (organ removed, female type surgeries, etc) the body holds the energy of that trauma, even though the physical body is in the process of healing. Try sleeping with a piece of Ruby under your pillow. Pay close attention to your body, how you feel, if you notice any changes (physically or energetically).

I do want to remind you I am not a doctor before I share this next piece of information with you. If your gastroenterologist is open to alternative healing techniques, you may want to ask about this.
Find a really good massage therapist and schedule a gentle massage. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after. The massage will help to release and remove toxins from the body, which may help to relax the intestines enough to remove the blockages.

As for which stones work with which disorders - What I teach folks is this-when you are first beginning, yes, use colored stones that correspond with the chakras. This is a simple method to start with and a great way to practice with colors and chakras.  As you begin to understand your own unique energy vibration, you will find that you may choose stones that may not correspond color or chakra wise and that is perfectly ok. This is your intuition/higher self guidance speaking to you. Always follow that :)

It is always a good idea to keep a crystal journal. For instance, before you begin to use a new stone, write down how you are feeling physically, emotionally, etc. After using the stone, write down any changes you feel have occurred. As you continue to work with the stone, continue to record any differences, etc. One stone may work better for you than another and this is a great way to keep a record of that.

I wish you well as you follow your path to healing and good health.

with love and crystal blessings,

Kristi Huggins
Author and Project Manager for Healing Crystals

Posted on November 13, 2009
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