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From: wendy
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2008 6:57 AM
Subject: Inquiry from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones



Dear Wendy~

I am sorry to hear about your daughter.  Not knowing the cause of her condition, I can only recommend general stones for healing and protection.  

First off, I cite Clear Quartz as the "Master Healer" of the mineral kingdom, and a great stone for protection.  It is known to relieve pain and raise consciousness. Wearing or holding Clear Quartz is known to increase the size and strength of the aura, and it is easily programmed for specific purposes.  Clear Quartz Crystal is said to align all the chakras, protect against negativity, promote healing of almost any condition, and attune with the higher self.  Clear Quartz has the ability to absorb energies effectively, which makes it great for accepting programs, but it also makes it susceptible to absorbing negative energies as well, which is why this stone must be cleansed regularly.  We have a large selection of Clear Quartz at the following link:

The next crystal that fits your request is Selenite.  Having an Angelic vibration, Selenite is said to heal on a cellular level, and to reverse free radicals.  Selenite can be used to invoke Angelic Protection and repel negative energy.  Meditating with Selenite can enhance one's connection to the Divine energies of the Universe, to help support any healing one is undergoing.  Selenite is a soft mineral and should be kept dry, so the preferred cleansing method is sound, smudging with sage, or visualization.  We have a nice selection of Selenite here:

A very popular metaphysical stone for its protective energies is Black Tourmaline.  Black Tourmaline carries balancing and grounding energies, which can translate into protection and healing for the user.  Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is often used for grounding higher vibrations into the physical body, and for balancing and harmonizing the chakras, which are both wonderful processes to encourage healing.  Black Tourmaline also promotes inner strength and supports the spirit in times of stress.  You can see our selection of Black Tourmaline at this page:

While Black Tourmaline provides more protection than healing, Green Tourmaline has superb healing energies to support those in a health crisis.  Green Tourmaline is most frequently used to connect the physical self to the life-giving energies of the Earth and nature, thereby enhancing one's own self-healing capabilities.  Green Tourmaline also carries protective energies as well.  To see our Green Tourmaline, see this page:

Malachite is a supreme healer and nurturer.  Malachite is known for its ability to draw out and discharge negative energies, making it a great aid for discovering energy blocks and/or patterns that may be causing a physical problem.  Malachite can help one to get down to the root cause of illness by examining past traumas and suppressed feelings.  Malachite absorbs negative energy easily, and must be cleansed often.  We carry Malachite here:

For information on cleansing your crystals, please see our article on the subject here:

If you are interested in learning how to program your stones, you can read that article here:

I hope these suggestion offer you some help and relief.  Any of these crystals would be helpful for both you and your daughter.  Just placing a Clear Quartz Cluster in her room would help to raise the energy, thereby supporting her own healing processes.  If I have your permission, I would be happy to send some Reiki energy healing to her.  

Peace and Blessings,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on January 25, 2008
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