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Crystals for Enhancing Prosperity

By Stephanie Arnold


Waiting for abundance to come knocking on your door?  We could all benefit from bringing more abundance into our lives. Take steps today to make this happen by using a proactive approach and allowing crystals to help you to achieve your goals. Using crystals throughout your day will give you the added edge to make your dreams a reality.

An excellent crystal for prosperity is Citrine. According to Feng Shui, this stone will work best when placed in the farthest left corner from the front door to attract wealth to the household. This stone dissolves any negative energy that it absorbs. Because of this characteristic, this stone is exceptional for clearing the chakras too.  A stone for those seeking success, Citrine can be worn to help build self-confidence and self-worth. With the energy of the Sun contained in this yellow crystal, Citrine represents the Fire element.

Moss Agate is another stone of wealth that can help you to manifest your dreams. This crystal will attract abundance into your life while also releasing fear and stress, which can have a negative impact on achieving one’s goals.  Most people can benefit from the use of Moss Agate, especially because of its ability to stabilize and balance.  As its name suggests, this crystal often has markings that resemble moss and it is strongly connected to nature.

A positive stone, Aventurine will help you to recognize the possibilities in your life. Using this stone will bring you good luck and help you to lead prosperity into your life. An additional benefit of this stone is its ability to block electromagnetic and geopathic stress, making it an excellent choice for frequent cell phone users.  Simply taping the stone to the back of your cell phone will protect you from the potentially harmful emanations.  Keep this stone near to you and reap the positive benefits.  Most Aventurine is from Brazil, India and Russia; however it was named after a type of Italian glass discovered around 1700, due to its likeness.

Green Tourmaline, also known as Verdelite, is a magnet for prosperity and abundance. This crystal comes in many different shades of green, including olive and emerald, just as the plants that prosper in its energy. Beneficial to the physical heart and the Heart Chakra, Green Tourmaline promotes life and growth. This healing stone also resonates with the water element. Wearing a Green Tourmaline pendant will not only attract wealth to you, it will also stimulate your creative side.

Another green crystal you can carry with you for abundance is Green Jade.  This stone has been used for centuries as a good luck stone and as a talismanic stone, especially by those in the Orient. Placing this crystal on your forehead (over the Third Eye Chakra) while sleeping will bring insightful dreams. This prosperous stone represents purity and, like many other green stones, is helpful to the Heart Chakra as well.

To keep an optimistic outlook, try carrying a piece of Chrysoprase in your pocket. Chrysoprase is a prosperity stone that is also useful in assisting with meditation. This crystal was used by the ancient Greeks as a gemstone over two thousand years ago and, according to these ancient people, this crystal promotes a love of the truth. It is a type of green Chalcedony, and is also one of the rarest and most valuable of this variety of stones. This vibrant green stone can bring you hope, prosperity, joy and health.  Because it works well with the Heart Chakra, wearing it over your heart as a pendant will help to heal past hurts in relationships.  It can also help you to move past problems to embrace the prosperity you deserve.

A symbol of royal power, Alexandrite can bring wealth and joy into your life.  Initially found in Russia in 1830 on Czar Alexander II’s birthday, this crystal took his name and coincidentally is comprised of the same colors as the Russian Imperial Guard, red and green. Prime pieces of Alexandrite are more valuable than diamonds, as it is one of the rarest gemstones on Earth.  This stone is helpful to those with low self-respect and strengthens an individual’s willpower and self-importance. Try placing this stone in your wallet to attract wealth and luck to you.

There are many crystals that can help you with a lack of money and prosperity, and help you to turn your life around to enjoy the abundance you deserve.  As with all crystals, when searching for the “right” stone for you, I would recommend you compare the different stones and select the one that you are drawn to.  Whether the energy of the stone or its appearance call to you, your intuition is the best guide as to which stone will work best for you.  Embrace your new prosperity!

Posted on September 14, 2013

    (Submitted by: Dee on July 23, 2018)
  Thank you. I have been looking for prosperity stones. This day and time everyone can use them. I love the in depth descriptions and comments on the different stones. Thanks again.  (Submitted by: Sherri H on September 29, 2013)

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