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Crystals for Caregivers

By Tara Mideaker

One of the difficult times that any of us can experience is when illness strikes ourselves or a loved one.  When that happens it is very easy for the quality of our lives to suffer as we become focused on that illness and the business of healing.  Fortunately, we often find someone who lightens those dark days by helping us and our families with the simple things.   Someone who gets us groceries, picks up our prescriptions and makes sure that we take care of ourselves;  someone who takes us to our appointments and sits with us during our treatments;  someone who just gives us company and friendship and lets us know that, while things may not be OK, we are not alone.  These selfless individuals are caregivers and, whether it is a family member, a friend, or a professional, they give so much of themselves to help others that it is very easy for them to become mentally and physically depleted.   They are so focused on caring for their patients, their patient’s families and their own families that they often neglect taking care of themselves. 

Crystals are an excellent resource for caregivers when it's time to take care of themselves.  Crystals and caregivers really complement each other and share many of the same qualities. They both offer positive energy, provide emotional, physical and spiritual support and, most importantly, they keep sparkling even through the dark times.  Below are some of the most common ailments that affect caregivers and the crystals that can offer support:

FRUSTRATION:  Caregivers are typically taking care of so many people and situations at once that it is so easy for them to become completely overwhelmed and frustrated.  Amethyst is a natural stress reliever and a wonderful tool for easing the tension caused by feeling as if you just cannot do it all.  It has a very peaceful energy that transforms negative energy while reminding us how strong and capable we are.  Blue Lace Agate is a very calming crystal that can ease frustration by stabilizing those feelings of being out of balance.  Serpentine offers a unique healing vibration that helps to release those feelings that are harming us and replace them with abundance.

FATIGUE:  Everyone has their physical limits and there comes a time when rest is absolutely necessary - but difficult to accomplish.  For a caregiver that cannot relax and/or fall sleep, Howlite will calm an overactive mind and Hematite can help to let go - at least temporarily – of those things that are preventing a restful sleep.  When it is necessary to keep going a little longer, Garnet and Citrine are both vibrant crystals that can re-energize us long enough to do what we must.  But make sure that you get the rest that you need!

DEPRESSION:  Caregivers are constantly surrounded by stressful situations and negative energy.  The side effect is often depression.  If there is one crystal that would be the most beneficial for a caregiver it is a Lepidolite.  Lepidolite can soothe the symptoms of depression and clear away the negative energy. It promotes emotional balance and inner peace.  It eases tension, supports transitions, and assists with physical and mental relaxation.  Most importantly - much like a caregiver - Lepidolite brings light and hope and helps us to see the good in any situation.

HELP FOR THE HELPER:   Caregivers are the ones that everyone turns to for help and as a result they can often be hesitant to ask for help themselves.   It is imperative for a caregiver's own health and well being that they know when to give themselves a break and when to look to others for support.  Rose Quartz will remind them that they are also a priority and that it is alright to need time for you.  Aquamarine will encourage them to acknowledge their needs and find their own support system.  Ametrine will remind them that they are not alone and by working together we all accomplish so much more.     

Please see the link below for additional information on support and services specifically for caregivers.

Posted on January 18, 2013

    (Submitted by: Miranda on February 27, 2016)
  Thank you for this article ~ the information you shared is very helpful ~ Walk in peace and have a great day ~ _3  (Submitted by: Marilyn Maracle on June 30, 2013)
  Thank you so much for this article. I am having something of a struggle to keep my emotional head above water as I deal with the aftermath of my husband's cancer surgery. The crystal suggestions are great, and the article itself has eased the tension somewhat. Thank you!  (Submitted by: Margot L on January 19, 2013)
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