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In the "Crystals for Aquarius" video, Lourdes and Tara talk about Apatite, Aquamarine, Larimar, and Amethyst

For anyone who is falls under the sign of Aquarius or is trying to adjust to its energies, this video can give ideas, tips, and suggestions on which crystals to use. The astrological sign of Aquarius falls between January 20 - February 18.

Aquarians are known to be "Patient, Enthusiastic and Loyal" and these crystals work well to harmonize and balance characteristic associated with Aquarius.

Other Crystals Associated with Aquarius:

Crystals for Aquarius

Aquamarine - Idealistic and humanitarian Aquarius will find Aquamarine useful for aligning ideas about Earth’s evolution with life experiences. Aquamarine helps Aquarius achieve higher states of consciousness, and helps to organize Aquarius’ intuitive mind. Aquamarine’s protective, calming energy offers support when Aquarius is overwhelmed with responsibility or stress. Those with Aquarius Ascendant in their chart will find Aquamarine helps them to feel comfortable in social surroundings without having to compromise their often different appearance or behavior.

Celestite - The spiritual peace brought by Celestite comforts Aquarius, and Celestite furthers Aquarius’ spiritual development. Celestite also helps resolve conflicts that sometime arise when Aquarius is trying to implement personal or social change. The influences of Aquarius’ two ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, are also harmonized by Celestite. Fixed and rigid Saturn-like personality traits are relaxed, while structure and organization are brought to chaotic Uranus-like traits.

Chrysoprase - Helps private and independent Aquarius commit to personal relationships.

Hematite - Increases mental capacity; encourages calm.

Sugilite - Good for conflict resolution.

Moonstone - Eases insomnia; soothes emotions; lowers stress.

Moldavite - Links intuition to cosmic consciousness, and facilitates communication with other realms.

There are many other stones which could work well for Aquarians, such as Garnet, Merlinite, Amber and Blue Obsidian as suggested by My Essential Planet in their Aquarius Birthstone: the Ultimate Crystal Guide. Their article covers the Aquarius sign in detail, and it's well worth diving into!

If you wanted to gift the Aquarius in your life with some crystals, we have the perfect gift bag that includes Amethyst and Blue Lace Agate. Amethyst maintains inner balance as Aquarians plan, create and bring humanitarian projects to fruition. Blue Lace Agate enhances verbal communication and expression, helping Aquarians to be more discerning in their word choices.


Posted on November 13, 2013
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