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Crystals for 2014:  Putting the Pieces Together

By Tara Mideaker 

Since 2012 we have experienced some extraordinary cosmic energy.  While many of these transits and shifts have been challenging, they are meant to leave us in a much better place than where we started.  Think of it as a puzzle. You have found some of the most challenging pieces and eliminated the ones that just don't fit.  While you have gathered your pieces you have noticed their place in the overall framework.  Now it’s time to begin to fit those pieces and watch as the picture takes shape.  Sometimes that can be the most challenging part and, make no mistake, there are still many pieces to be found and discarded. 

2014 will be another year that will challenge you to live your best life. It is time to find and utilize resources and support.  It’s also a time to be a resource and support for others. It is time to come together, work with each other and work with the energies of the Universe.  It is time to start putting things together.  

Here is a quick look at 2014: 


This is your best opportunity for introspection and reflection.  Water energy has been prevalent through 2013 and it continues in 2014, so you can feel more deeply and develop a truer understanding of your inner self.  Earth energy will also be strong in 2014 and this will enable you to apply your inner self into the outer world and make a real difference.  The first months of 2014 could guide you towards rebirth, so follow the energy and commit to a new you.  A New Moon on 1/1/14 will inspire you and a Pisces/Aquarius Mercury Retrograde in February gives you time for contemplation.

Best Crystals:  Fluorite, Moonstone, Amethyst


Spring is always a busy time as the days grow brighter and stronger and it is time for you to build your physical, spiritual and mental strength so that you are prepared for the opportunities ahead.  Expect a Solar Eclipse to shake things up and the final Saturn/Jupiter Trine until 2026 to give your efforts to evolve a positive shot of energy.  Another Mercury Retrograde gives you time to pause and re-consider.  A Cardinal Grand Cross will be a major turning point where your past choices and resolve towards the future unite in an amazing epiphany.  What will you do with it?

Best Crystals:  Red Jasper, Green Tourmaline, Black Onyx


Relax and have some fun!  You need to give yourself a break from the intensity of the first part of 2014.  By backing off you will be able to come back stronger.  Remember that we are still experiencing the effects of the Pluto/Uranus Squares and this is furious and wild energy.  It will allow you to get to the heart of the most challenging of situations so that you can deal with it effectively and move on.  It is key to your journey of growth and evolution, but it can produce a rough ride.  Jupiter moves into fun-loving Leo, making this the perfect time to expand your play time.

Best Crystals:  Orange Calcite, Emerald, Sunstone


It is time to know where you stand and where you are headed.  A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will infuse your confidence and faith in the abundance that surrounds your present and future.  The last Mercury Retrograde of the year will allow you to let go of any lingering things that just need to be gone for good.  The big news:  Scorpio releases its hold on Saturn.  This has not been an easy transit, but it is a major influence towards finding your personal truth and living it!  Saturn in Sagittarius will be a lighter, more optimistic influence so enjoy the energy.  And, in case you still haven't gotten what you needed from Saturn in Scorpio, fear not, because it will slip backwards to give us one final push in June 2015.   

Best Crystals:  Lapis Lazuli, Charoite, Imperial Topaz

Posted on December 01, 2013

  Very informative page Thank you Blessings  (Submitted by: Marie on April 21, 2014)

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