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Crystals for 2013:  September

By Tara Mideaker 

September changes everything as Summer ends and so many things are new.  It is a month of beginnings with a new school year, new clothes, new weather patterns and the energies reflect this...or maybe it is because we feel the changing energies that we have adapted to making this one of our times to evolve.  This month the planets are reflecting the potential for change and supporting the collaboration of the universe and our physical world as we all head towards evolution.  Here is what you can expect.... 

A few of the more challenging dates we encounter are September 10-11 and September 16th.  On September 10-11 Mars, Saturn, the Moon and Venus in Scorpio bring about a combination of stress, fear, revenge and remorse.  Carry Blue Calcite for a calming influence and Garnet to find productive outlets for the intense energy.   Mercury is busy on September 16th when it encounters Chiron, Uranus and Mars resulting in doubt and distractions. Carnelian and Tanzanite will give you the confidence to get past any negativity. 

On September 20 Pluto goes direct after a 5 month retrograde period.  You may have spent this time deep in thought considering changes, possibilities and repercussions.  Now you can expect all of that internal stuff to come out into the light to either be acted upon or dismissed for good.  This is a phenomenal opportunity for lasting change so use Strawberry Quartz for insight and to determine your next move.  Labradorite is always a key resource for initiating and navigating through major changes. 

Sextile transits involve planets with complimentary elements combining their energies to help us.  Early in the month a Sun/Jupiter sextile will start things in the best possible way.  They allow you to recognize the fact that anything really is possible.  Later in the month Venus and Pluto strengthen that message by building your confidence so that you are ready to seize your moment.  Moss Agate, Citrine and Rhodonite encourage you to find your passion and follow your heart. 

Square transits pit planets against each other in order to cause productive tension.  These transits can feel challenging, but the planets work hard to get their point across and this gives us an amazing opportunity for education and growth.  Mars and Saturn in the beginning of the month will have you feeling ready to attack.  Avoid ill-placed aggressive behaviors and use the energy to tackle those things that you have been avoiding.  Mercury and Jupiter will have you feeling overwhelmed by the middle of the month, so take a step back and consider what really needs to be done and leave the rest for another time, place or even person.  We end the month with a Venus/Mars square that will fuel your desire to win.  If you've been considering giving up or giving in then this transit can help you to break  through and keep fighting for what you want and deserve.  Snowflake Obsidian, Serpentine and any Tourmaline will help you to learn, grow and make your way to the other side of any deterrents. 

Planets in a Trine transit are ruled by the same elements and come together in a supportive and comfortable transit.  It can be almost too comfortable though, and often this energy is best used for wellness and rejuvenation rather than action and progression.  There are 3 very well placed trines in September to offer some nurturing.  The Sun and Pluto at the top of the month will help you find vital resources.  Mars and Uranus in the dead center will give you a burst of happy energy.  We close the month with Venus and Jupiter encouraging a productive review of what you have accomplished and an optimistic outlook for the future.  Rutilated Quartz, Picture Jasper and Ruby in Fuchsite will renew your will and spirit.

Remember these important dates: 

September 5 New Moon in Virgo

September 19 Full Moon in Pisces

September 22 Sun Moves in Libra/Fall Equinox

Posted on August 28, 2013
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