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The days are getting darker and the planets are following their lead!  October is a pivotal time of year when everything changes.  Warm weather gives way to the cool and after so much light we learn to embrace the dark again.  Cold and dark can sound ominous but there is a brightness and beauty to October that helps us understand the awesome balance of nature.  There is exceptional energy in October that can teach us how to emulate that balance in our own lives.  

The month begins with Uranus making its closest move to Earth all year on 10/3.  Uranus always shakes things up and chaos can follow in its wake.  Something significant will change…even if it doesn’t reveal itself until a later date.  Labradorite lets you adjust while Green Kyanite eases any challenges. 

Venus is ready to party in Sagittarius on 10/7.  This influence could make you feel wild and indulgent so go ahead and play.  Enjoy but remember not to take anything too seriously for now, especially when it comes to love or money  Watermelon Tourmaline lets you have fun and while being safe. Rutilated Quartz enhances the lively atmosphere.

Mercury and Uranus come together a few times and it could be a downer…but only if you let it!  Their first get together is 10/8 and their second is 10/29 (there is a third coming next month!) and their goal is to get you to take care of business.  There are decisions to be made, actions to be taken and choices to be lived up to and now is the time!  This can be challenging but stay positive and remember that the Universe has your back.  Smokey Quartz will guide you through any darkness and Morganite brings some humor and light to the energy. 

A Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon in Aries on 10/18 will open you to the endless possibilities of change.  Use this energy to prepare mentally and emotionally for what is ahead.  The Aries influence will permit you to be selfish and stop doing what others want you to do if it is not in your best interest. Iolite draws insights and Carnelian helps you to start being who you want to be. 

The month ends with fireworks as Mercury goes retrograde on 10/21so expect the usual mayhem with a dark twist courtesy of Scorpio.  Mercury in Scorpio can make us sharp tongued and looking to cut with our communications. Be cautious because some wounds won't heal.  On the bright side Scorpio will shine a light in the most hidden, darkest places and encourage these situation to change for good.  Yes, Scorpio is critical and hard but that may be what you need to find the strength to do what you have to in order to flourish.  Jet gives you something to hold on to if the ride gets to wild!  Prehnite encourages trust in the flow of the Universe. 

There is a lot of light amidst the dark this month and you will find it as long as you stay positive! 

New Moon in Libra:                         10/5

Full Moon in Aries/Lunar Eclipse:            10/18

Sun moves into Scorpio:                10/22

Posted on September 16, 2013
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