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Crystals as Gifts

By Sarah Duni Bourland

Crystals make wonderful gifts for you or for others.  They are easy to appreciate, they last forever and bring good energy, and they can be given for practically any occasion.  The first crystal I purchased was a small blue geode slice I got on vacation when I was a child while traveling around the southwest.  At the time I didn’t know anything about crystals, but I liked that geode slice enough that I still have it to this day.  I thought it was amazing that on the outside geodes look like plain rocks, but inside they are filled with beautiful crystals.  I also always liked worry stones as a kid. There was something very comforting about them to me.

It was not until a few years ago that I began to feel in tune with crystals and started collecting them.  My interest in them was spawned by some friends who were crystal lovers.  Their house and farm were dotted everywhere with crystals.  One of the first times I met them they handed me a chunk of Rose Quartz  and I immediately felt the good vibes running through it.  I was so enamored by the crystals that I asked if I could borrow some to take home with me.  Instead they gave me a piece of ClearQuartz as a gift!  I was so happy because it felt so magical and I knew it was charged with such positive energy.  A few days later I went to my local crystal store and bought some crystals that I felt drawn to, and that was how I really got started on my crystal journey.

Around that same time, those same friends of mine were going to a crystal convention and said they would bring some crystals back for me.  They brought back aLemurian Seed Crystal and a lovely Garnet.  They said there had been a box of the Lemurian crystals and they had each separately ran their hand over the box and asked which one was for me. The same crystal called out to both of them.  That is just the magic of crystals.  They are out there waiting for you, and often they have specific people they want to go to.

I have given Rose Quartz as a birthday present for a friend, Smokey Quartz as a present to my dad, and Clear Quartz Clusters to my mom and mother-in-law.  One of the first crystals I bought was a piece of oval Selenite.  I happened to have it on me when I was going to meet with a friend, and I kept getting this feeling that I should give the Selenite to this person.  I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but as we were saying good-bye I was still getting that feeling that I should give the Selenite away.  So I said something like, “I was told to give this to you” and handed it over! Luckily they seemed very appreciative.

I think of crystals as gifts from the earth to us, here to help us on our journey.  It’s said that they have a mind of their own, which I definitely believe is true.  I have had crystals go missing for no good reason, only to turn up unexpectedly.  That has happened twice with the original Clear Quartz that was given to me.  Since that was the first crystal given to me, I think it is special and I have spent a lot of time studying it and meditating with it.  I try to keep track of it, but twice it has disappeared for over a month.  The first time I really thought it was gone for good, so I was very happy when it showed up. The second time I lost it, I had a strong feeling that I had just misplaced it and it would come back, which it did.  Lately I have noticed that it seems extra jewel-like and shinier than when I first got it.  I’ll take that as a sign that it’s in a good place.

I associate different crystals with different people.  One of my friends loves Labradorite, and she was the first to tell me about it.  She brought a piece of it over once and of course I loved it too!  So now I associate Labradorite with her. Labradorite is a mystical stone and is associated with the Third Eye Chakra—and I do seem to have a strong psychic connection with this friend.

Crystals are also great for jewelry. I have made bracelets and necklaces and given them as gifts. I created a Green Aventurine bracelet for my mom and a Jet necklace for my husband.  It is easy to find crystal beads at craft stores.

If you are thinking of giving someone a crystal as a gift, but are not sure what to get them, a good starting point might be to think of the intention behind it.  From there you could research which crystals are best for whatever specific intention you have. Or you could simply go into a store (even an online store) and browse around and let your intuition guide you.

I remember reading an article talking about the different energy layers of the human auric field.  It mentioned that there can be a crystal layer.  I liked that idea a lot, and I do use crystals to help clear and protect the energy around me.  So now, during meditations, I will imagine people surrounded and protected by a crystal layer. Sometimes I hand out crystals in my mind to people to help fill out this layer.  Even as psychic gifts crystals can be helpful!

I work with crystals every day and I think of them as gifts from the earth.  Every day they help remind me that life itself is a gift, filled with things to help us along the way.

Posted on July 14, 2014

    (Submitted by: Kay Kile on July 19, 2016)
  I had just boxed up some crystals to send to a friend as a gift when I read this article. Very timely!  (Submitted by: Lisa on May 01, 2015)

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