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Subject: Crystals and Portal Energies
Date: 02/22/10
From: Toni E.
To: Healing Crystals

My husband had been having lots of bad dreams, and he was waking up with severe migraine headaches. One night I dreamed that I was surrounded by white light. The next day I meditated with a moonstone, hoping to get some insight. During the night I was awakened by a dark spirit above our bed. I felt drained the next day. I put an obsidian and some black tourmaline in our dream catcher above our bed. I also added a piece of citrine under our bed. This has worked well. All of my dreams since have been of relatives who have passed away. I feel very protected.When my grandmother came over one day, she told me that we have a portal in our backyard. She is Cherokee Indian and has learned a lot about nature from her relatives. This portal can let in positive and negative energy, and it amplifies all the energies that are already present in our environment. I put some wild flower seeds around this portal. Do you have any crystal recommendations for our backyard or bedroom? Do the crystals outside need to be cleansed as often as the crystals inside? Will the sunlight and moonlight clean them daily?


How fascinating! I love the idea of planting wild flower seeds around the portal. That just feels like such a positive thing to do :)

You have done an excellent job of choosing the crystals that resonate for you and your home. I think the crystals that you have chosen to surround yourself with in the bedroom, will also work very well around the portal.

Other recommendations to consider would be Apache Tears (a type of Obsidian) which will serve to accent your pretty wild flowers AND protect your space.

Smoky Quartz can also help to detach and remove any negative energy or entities. Other stones/crystals that can help to remove/release negative energies would include Amber and/or Pink Kunzite.

One of my absolute favorite pieces is Selenite. It is a stone of the highest vibration, universal consciousness, with unconditional loving energy. This may be a very good piece to keep in your bedroom area. Selenite is typically very soft, so keeping it outside in the weather for a prolonged period of time may damage it.

We have a wonderful archive full of articles and recommendations for crystals that can be used for protection. I think you may find some excellent suggestions there as well.

As for cleaning, I think the crystals you place around the portal will be cleansed by the sunlight and moonlight on a daily basis, so they should be just fine. The crystals inside the house, you will want to cleanse more frequently, especially if you begin to feel they are not working as well as they once did. This is a good indicator that it is time to do a good cleansing.

Here are some great articles on cleansing that share a variety of alternative cleansing methods.

I hope this information has been useful and, in combination with your grandmother's advice, will help to achieve your goals.

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on March 01, 2010

  What a great example of a question teaching! You are very blessed to have such a wise grandmother! Thanks for the question and for the information your Grandmother passed on!
The answer was great too! :-)  (Submitted by: sandra on March 02, 2010)

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