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Here is an Article a Customer Forwarded to Use in Regards to Crystals and Healing:

I've seen your post on where you say there has not been any scientific research done on crystals.  I thought you might enjoy this article I found in a book called "Alternative Therapies for Managing Diabetes" by David Drum.
Drum does not recommend crystal therapy for diabetes, but he does say this:
"There is not much research on crystals, but one doctor has found them useful during the treatment of depression.  In the book "Miracles Do Happen: A Physician's Experience with Alternative Medicine," neurologist C. Norman Shealy [M.D., PhD]  recounts an experiment using crystals as an adjunct therapy for people who were depressed.  In 1988, at his Springfield, Missouri pain clinic, half a group of 140 chronically depressed patients received either a clear quartz crystal, or a glass crystal that was a placebo.  Patients were asked to 'mentally program' the crystal using a short healing phrase or affirmation stating their health goal.  After two weeks Dr. Shealy found that 85 percent of both groups were improved.  However, when they were followed up from three to six months later, 80 percent of the people who used the quartz crystals remained improved, while only 28 percent of those who used the glass crystals reported the same level of improvement.  According to these results, Dr. Shealy states the probability is less than one chance in 1,000 thata the quartz crystals didn't have a positive effect.
"Since 1989, Dr. Shealy has recommended the use of crystals to reinforce results obtained from his program.  He says that 85 percent of the people who finish the program when using a quartz crystal are improved.  However, he admits that the way crystals work is certainly 'beyond the known laws of science.'" (Drum, pp 229-230)
I have not yet read Dr. Shealy's book, but the Drum article is the reason I decided to add crystals to my own treatment for depression.  At the moment I am feeling much stronger, emotionally, than I have in quite a while.  Maybe it's placebo, maybe it's all the people who are praying for me, maybe it's the fact that my crystals are all programmed with a Bible verse about healiing, maybe God's acting on his own, maybe the meds are saturating my brain tissues, maybe it's color therapy or beauty therapy, both of which I have found to work.   Who knows what the combo is....but I feel better with emerald & citrine around. Not to mention smokey quartz and lithium quartz.  So....I'm not sure what conclusion to draw, but I suspect that my"sparkle plenty friends" are having at least some positive effect.  And I frankly expected nothing, not even placebo.  So maybe I'm the poster child for crystals & depression.  :)


Hi L
I must share the standard disclaimer that I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals for healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.

What a great article. I am so happy to hear that you are doing much better and that you are in love with your crystal friends. They are such a treasure and comfort when things look bleak. We are always here to assist you if you need any questions answered. I wish you all the health and happiness you deserve.
Roslyn Bohanan
Master Crystal Healer

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Posted on June 13, 2011

  I found this post interesting and helpful. I too am depressed and am trying to overcome it. I stumbled upon crystals accidently and am just begining with them. But already I'm finding that they are helping me feel better and I'm learning more about myself than I thought possible in so short a time. Perhaps it is one of those "you will find what you need when you need it" things. Also, as a scientist, it's nice to know that there is some research out there that seems to support crystal healing. Keep with it and good luck in your healing.  (Submitted by: Angela on August 02, 2011)

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