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Crystals and Gratitude

 By Crystal Cosmopolitan

A few years ago I bought a notebook with a swirly rainbow-colored cover and decided that it would become my gratitude journal.  Initially, I wrote just a few things here and there, but after buying the book Magic, by Rhonda Byrne, I started writing in my journal every night before going to bed.  This book inspired me to consider the idea of writing down my thoughts daily.

The practice of daily writing provided me with a sense of calmness and peace, regardless of what had transpired during the day.  I was able to fall asleep quickly and to sleep peacefully throughout the night. It is funny how at first I needed to really think about what I was grateful for, and I would struggle to complete the list of ten gratitude sentences.  After writing every day for a while, the words started flowing and it became hard to stop them to get some rest!

This practice also made me much more aware of the things that I already have in my life, and to remember all of the things that have worked out, some even beyond my wildest imagination! I started giving silent “thank-you’s” during the day for the many things that I previously took for granted (a tasty lunch, a good parking spot, a bargain, a coincidence that led me to a great hairstylist).  Practicing gratitude is a great way to open your heart and to connect with the Divine.

Here is a list of crystals that can help us open our hearts to connect with Divine assistance, in whatever form you might imagine or believe that to be:

Rose Quartz - Appreciating, loving, and valuing ourselves is incredibly important and cannot be stressed enough in relation to any kind of spiritual practice. It does start with us—with being able to experience an inner peace and being able to cherish our inner child. We owe it to ourselves to be supportive of and value our inner world, our imagination, and our intuition; out of love and appreciation for the life that we have been given.  Rose Quartz opens our hearts to self-love and, in the process, opens us to receiving more love from others.

Angelite (Anhydrite) - Angelite heightens perception and, according to several authors (Judy Hall, Melody, Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian), increases our sense of connectedness and communication with higher worlds.  It can serve as a “talisman”, a kind of reminder that we have access to Divine assistance.  Calming and centering, Angelite can help us develop a practice of gratitude for our continual spiritual development.

Seraphinite (Clinochlore) - Seraphinite is known as an “angelic” crystal.  Clearing and activating all of the chakras, it is especially beneficial for a gentle healing of the heart chakra.  It is an uplifting and joyful crystal that has been known to positively affect the mood of those who wear it or hold it, even for just a few minutes.  Renowned crystal writer Melody expresses it beautifully: “This stone, like all Clinochlores, encourages the appreciation of all that is growing - physically, emotionally or spiritually, and encourages the refinements of tenderness and care. It defines a sense of order - in life, in the universe, even in chaos lending the understanding that one is neither helpless nor hopeless in the creation or correction of one's personal reality.” (Melody, Love is in the Earth, page 212)

Petalite - This angelic stone is known for its ability to help in ancestral and family healing.  Many authors state that this crystal promotes gentleness and calmness, while helping to remove our attachments to past situations that no longer serve our highest good.  Petalite is also referred to as a “stone of vision” that enhances intuition, telepathy and clairvoyance, and can be used in meditation and shamanic journeys. Pink varieties of this crystal bring self-love and self-acceptance.

There are many more crystals that can be used to increase our sense of connectedness to the higher realms, and at the same time help us appreciate our lives on Earth.  Stones such as Petrified Wood, which connect us to our roots and ancient wisdoms;  Red Jasper, which is spiritual and grounding at the same time; and Moss Agate, which helps ground emotional energy and stabilizes our energy through connection with nature.

Experiment and enjoy, and see how your life changes when you start giving thanks for all the good in your life.  Feel free to post your personal stories of gratitude on our Facebook page for everyone to enjoy!

Posted on November 23, 2012

    (Submitted by: janis on November 24, 2012)

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