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What crystals would you recommend for Paget's disease of the bone, for fibromylagia and for peanut allergy of a toddler? Thank you for your help!


Dear S,

Thank you for contacting us. First, I must share the important disclaimer that I am not a medical professional, and cannot diagnose conditions or prescribe treatments. Crystals should never replace medical care, but rather, should be viewed as supportive therapy that aides the treatment received from a licensed medical professional.

The conditions you have asked about are all complex and likely need several layers of healing. To start,  I suggest a few stones that I think will benefit the person(s) with these conditions. I recommend that you also read some of the articles on our website that deal with the particulars of crystal healing such as: cleansing the stones, programming crystals, and  crystal grids. Additionally, wearing the stones or carrying them in a pocket might also provide the most consistent healing energy for these chronic conditions.

For Paget's disease, I suggest stones that help the body absorb calcium, such as Calcite, Aragoniteand Coral. Additionally, as there can be a rheumatic aspect to Paget’s, Rhodochrosite might also be beneficial. Remember to thoroughly cleanse each stone before and after each use for best results and purest energy healing.

Fibromyalgia continues to perplex the medical community because it is so different and changing for so many people. I recommend Sugilite and Phenacite as possible aids for this condition. Both stones have very high, pure vibrational energy, and as such, you should also use a stone like Black Tourmaline or Hematite to help with grounding and stabilizing the energy field while the crystals work.

Peanut allergies are such a frustrating and scary thing! I do not recommend using crystals directly on small children. They are too sensitive and have too much going on developmentally. However, having stones gridded around the child’s sleeping and play areas might help strengthen the immune system and may lessen the severity of the allergic reaction. For this I would recommend the nurturing energy of Red Jasper for the sleeping area and Carnelian for the play area. Also, there are many wonderful resources available for coping with food allergies, both in books and on the internet. This is a dangerous allergy, so my strongest recommendation is still total avoidance of peanuts!

Finally, I also suggest finding as many books and credible websites about not only crystals, but about these conditions and how others deal with them.
A good beginner crystal reference book  to have handy is The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful and that you continue to let be your crystal resource. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or to let us know how things are going.

Crystal Blessings!
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Posted on August 11, 2012
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