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Hi, Just wondering what crystals you can use for thinning hair and also which ones for pigmentation of the skin (face). Thank You.


Dear T,

Thank you for contacting with your crystal question. First, let me share the standard disclaimer that I am not a medical professional. Crystals should never replace medical treatment, but rather, are complimentary therapy that should be used to support the treatment recommended by your medical doctor.

Before anything else, please rule out medical causes for the thinning of hair as well as for any skin pigmentation issues, as these can sometimes be symptoms of other issues with stress, diet or other health concerns.

For crystal healing to be effective, it is best to have an idea of the cause of a physical issue. For many women, extreme stress can cause hair loss. I would recommend using Amethyst to meditate on releasing your stress to the universe to be healed each night, or each morning and see if there is improvement.

Hair loss can also be diet related, so crystals that help the body assimilate nutrients such as Carnelian may also be helpful. This will also help with healthy skin.

If you are wishing to even out pigmentation on the skin, I do not know that crystals will specifically help with this, but Green Aventurine is often used to promote healthy skin, so charging some filtered or distilled water with a piece of Aventurine and rinsing your face with it each day may also help your skin thrive. Check out this article on charging waterwith crystals for some other ideas about how to use crystals.

Finally, don’t forget to cleanse your crystals regularly. We have an easy clearing video right on the home page of to help with this.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Please contact if we can be of any further assistance

 Crystal Blessings!


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Posted on December 04, 2012
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