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Problems associated with infertility can be both physical and emotional. Attempting to conceive a child can be, for some, a very trying time. While researching this article, I had one of those “I wish I knew then what I know now” moments; it took two years to conceive our first child, and it was definitely an emotional time. Luckily, for you, there are a few crystals that may be able to help with both the physical and emotional aspects of infertility.

Crystals to Enhance Fertility

Crystals that can enhance fertility from a physical standpoint include Coral, Moonstone, Diamonds, Carnelian, Amber, Ruby, Garnet and Red Jasper. With the exceptions of Moonstone and Coral, all of these crystals are ruled by the element of Fire, which governs courage, passion, strength and energy, with the base color red.

Coral of any color, but especially red, is known as the fertility “stone” and has been used as such for centuries. It is ruled by the element of Water (from it physically originates) and the planet Neptune. Coral is basically the skeletal remains of once-living sea creatures. When worn, coral is said to attract men, bring protection and enhance fertility. It is also helpful in healing, as it enhances bone and tissue regrowth. Coral rules the heart chakra.

Moonstone of any variety, but mostly White, as its name implies, is ruled by the Moon and the element of Water. Placing it on the root chakra will rebalance the hormones and calm stress. It is one of the most powerful of the fertility crystals because of its association with the Moon and, thus the female reproductive system. Moonstone also eases mood swings, PMS, and decreases overactive tendencies. Moonstone becomes more powerful when the Moon is waxing to full, and loses some of its potency as the Moon wanes. Some may find it too powerful to work with, so test it first over short periods of time. It can be placed on the solar plexus, third eye or crown chakras.

Diamonds are (I won't say it!) associated with the element of Fire and the Sun. They are incredible detoxifiers of the body's energy, and they can promote fertility. This is because Diamonds remove energy blockages from the root chakra. They can also alleviate problems caused by sexual dysfunction, or lack of libido, as well as improve self-confidence, fidelity and physical strength.

Carnelian and Amber are both ruled by the Sun and the element of Fire and are often used to increase or enhance sexual energy. Carnelian has also been known to help with male impotence. It can clean the blood and improve circulation. Carnelian also gives you courage, eases anxiety and brings warmth to your entire system. Carnelian can be placed on the root or sacral chakras.

Amber is actually fossilized tree resin that has been used for centuries. Amber rules the solar plexus chakra, and aides in the body's ability to self-heal. It can increase strength to the pelvis, lower back and reproductive organs, while at the same time instilling a sense of cheer and warmth to your system, giving you that “recharged” and ready-for-anything attitude.

RubyGarnet and Red Jasper are all governed by Fire and planet Mars. These red stones are wonderful energy-boosters, as they increase vitality, stamina and passion. Ruby is also thought to aide in male impotence. These stones are all linked to the root chakra and can also increase blood circulation. Wearing Red Jasper may help with infertility especially if you've been on contraceptives for a lengthy period of time.

Crystals for Infertility Support

Infertility can also be an emotional roller-coaster and, thankfully, there are a few crystals that ease the mind and calm the soul. These include Purple Fluorite, Pink Tourmaline and Ametrine. Other crystals that may be used as well are Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

Purple Fluorite is a crystal of the intellect. When there are decisions to be made, this is the stone to have on hand. Its element is Water and its planet is Neptune. This transparent purple crystal rules the crown and brow chakras where it can bring focus and lessen emotional tendencies during situations that may require a more objective point of view. It also eases headaches, depression and anger, as well as feelings of despair. It can promote a peaceful, restful sleep when placed under the pillow.

Pink Tourmaline is a lovely pink crystal that can also be red in color. It's sometimes called “rubellite”. Its ruling element is Water and it’s planet is Venus (or Mars if found in deeper red shades). Pink Tourmaline helps balance the heart and brow chakras to alleviate emotional stress when things become too overwhelming. Helping to dispel negativity, it can be placed in the bedroom to create a more peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

Ametrine is a dual-combination crystal consisting of Amethyst and Citrine. It is governed by the Air element and the planet Mercury. Ametrine can help balance your body's energy when placed on the crown chakra, thus turning negative energy into positive. It also aides in removing pain and both physical and emotional blockages.

I truly hope this article helps you in your endeavors to conceive a child. Many blessings!


Article by Sonia Acone

Posted on September 15, 2010
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