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From: Gerald
Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 9:34 PM
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Greetings and Salutations,

I am rather new to the metaphysical world so please bare with me.  I have recently been diagnosed with Epilepsy, the seizures I've had took most of my memory.  The meds I take mixup the rest.  I'm interested in pursuing alternative healing techniques and avenues but, when I asked my doctor for some treatments that involve NO drugs his response was to raise my current dose 4-fold.???  My brain is having trouble and needs assistance.  Do you have any stones that specialize in calming brain storms?  I know your no doctor and thank good natured spirits for that!  I need my brain to function, I think, I have something to give to this world.  Thank you for your time, patience, and especially your expertise!



Dear Gerald~

Thank you for sending in your question.  I am sorry to hear of your experience with the doctor adding to your dose of medication.  I find it rather odd that he would respond in such a way to your request.  Did you mention anything else to him when he upped your dosage?  Did you bring up any new symptoms?  Something you must consider when taking any kind of medication (or toxins for that matter) into your system is that it does have an impact on your subtle energy systems, including the chakras.  It is believed among many energy healers that ones bioelectricity can be altered when one is taking medications that alter the brain chemistry.  It is obvious that you cannot ask that particular doctor about lowering your dosage, but you might consider getting a second opinion, if you can, perhaps with a more holistic type of doctor.  

In the meantime however, there are things you can do to try to improve your mental functioning.  Using crystals to work with the chakras and the aura during meditation can help.  Considering your situation, I would choose crystals for each of the chakras.  While epilepsy seems to be primarily an issue of the Third-Eye Chakra, you are most likely out of balance throughout your subtle bodies.  The idea here is to create a better balance in your energy fields, as well as conditioning your chakras.  Eventually, you would want to work on each of the chakras, but it is best to start out with the aura, and then work on one chakra at a time.  The crystals would be used in body layouts to help raise the energy in each chakra.

Meditation is key to enhance the energies of your chakras, but as an epileptic, it is important for you to move slowly when you begin to work with your own energies, until you get a feel for how the energy work will affect you.  Using the crystals in body layouts will help support the chakra as you work on it.  The crystals will send their energies to the appropriate chakras to help open, heal, activate, and balance your chakras.  Starting with the Root Chakra first will provide a grounding connection between you and the earth, which will act to stabilize your energies as you work with them.  I recommend doing a short, 20 minute meditation on each chakra before you begin the more detailed work on the Third-Eye Chakra.  Depending on how you feel, and your time constraints, this can be done in one day, or over a period of time, say a week, for example.  It all depends on you.  If you are ever in the process of meditating, and you feel uncomfortable in any way, please take a little break and see how you feel before continuing.  

Since you mention that you are new to the metaphysical, I offer the following, short guide for you to work on your aura and your chakras.  Please consider doing your own, in depth research on the aura and the chakras to come to your own understanding of the energy systems of the body.  When starting out, trying doing each meditation for about 20 minutes, before moving on to the next:

1) Start out by meditating on your aura.  Imagine that you can sense it, and that it is a light golden white shimmer around your body.  As you breathe in, imagine that it is getting brighter and stronger, with a concentration of light existing at your center.  As you exhale, imagine that your golden white aura expands outward.  Play with this image and do what ever seems to come natural to you here.  Try to keep any energy you feel within your body moving in an upward direction, out your crown.  Keep the energy of your aura connected with your breath.

2) Once you get a feel for your aura, you can begin meditating on your Root Chakra by focusing on your perineal area.  Have a Root Chakra Crystal placed on this area of your body to provide healing vibrations and energetic support for this chakra during your meditation.  Imagine a deep, strong red color at this point of your body.  See if you can get a feel for it's movement.  A healthy chakra will feel as if it is moving in a spinning motion.  As long as it feels like it is moving smoothly, then it is functioning properly. If you notice the energy there, but it feels jerky, bumpy, or nonexistent, then you have an indication that your chakra is not functioning correctly.  You can then try to focus on that chakra, getting it to spin more smoothly.  

3) Do the process listed above with each of your chakras, one at a time, until you they all feel like they're each working well.  Here are the basic colors and locations for the chakras: Root = Red, Perineum, Bottom of Spine; Sacral = Orange, Below Navel; Solar-Plexus = Yellow, Below Ribs, Behind Stomach; Heart = Green, Center of Chest; Throat = Blue, Hollow of Throat; Third-Eye = Indigo, Between and Slightly Above Eyebrows, Into Center of Brain; Crown = White, Top of Head.  For each of the chakras, you can also work to strengthen and expand the energies by connecting them to your breath.  Breathing in, you would imagine the area brighten, and as you breathe out, feel it expand.  This will help to heal, correct, and strengthen the alignment, formation, and energy of your chakras.  Once you have completed this basic procedure with all of your chakras, you can then begin to focus on your Third-Eye Chakra.

4) When you are ready to do the more detailed work on your Third-Eye Chakra, do the basic meditation listed above, and then you would begin to take it further.  Experiment with brightening and expanding the indigo color of this chakra.  Feel the energy of the Third-Eye Chakra move back into the pineal gland, which should be felt at almost the center of the brain.  Try sending energies from the Third-Eye Chakra into the neighboring chakras.  Continue to meditate on this chakra, taking breaks when needed.  Over time, this chakra should become strengthened to the point where your seizures may decrease in frequency.  This all depends on you and of course, I can make no guarantees.

Considering the meditations listed above, I feel that the best stones for you to start with would be some sort of chakra assortment, along with a good-sized Clear Quartz Point, to do the extra work with the Third-Eye Chakra later on.  We have some chakra assortments on this page:

Our Clear Quartz items can be found on this page:

When working with crystals on a continuous basis, they should be cleansed regularly.  You may also want to program your crystals with an intention.  We have articles on cleansing, programming, the chakras, and other subjects in our newsletter archive, here:

I hope this information helps you.  As you know, I am no doctor, and this information is not meant to be taken as medical advice.  Take your meditations slow and you will hopefully see some helpful results from your energy work.

Good luck!

Peace and Blessings,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on March 29, 2008
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