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Recently my girlfriend has realized she is able to have "visions" about minor things happening weeks in advance. What exactly is this called and what are the best crystals for increasing psychic abilities?


Dear K,

Thank you for your inquiry. Being able to receive information through your "inner eye" or Third Eye Chakra is called Clairvoyance. When people access information through this chakra, it could come in the form of pictures or dreams through the tv, computer, or even billboards. When something is sensed before it happens it is called a premonition.

Here is a videothat goes over crystals that will work with the Third Eye.

My recommendations for crystals to improve psychic ability include the following:

Piertersite (place on the chakra)

Amethyst(place on the chakra or wear it)

Selenite(place on the chakra)

Lapis Lazuli(place on the chakra or wear it)

Phenacite (place on the chakra)

My suggestion for your girlfriend is to try various crystals to see what works best. She should also try meditating. Psychic Navigator by John Holland is a good book for someone starting out on a psychic journey. It also include a cd with meditations.

I hope that these recommendations can be of assistance and that crystals grace your journey with love and light.

Crystal Blessings!
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Disclaimer – Crystals are not a medical treatment and should not be used as a replacement for medical care. Please consult your healthcare specialist for your particular needs.

Posted on August 12, 2012

  Wearing amethyst and meditation is the best way to help open her gift to being clairvoyant, also tell her too keep a notepad with hger and to always write down the vision and the date she had it on. Its good to keep records so when vision happens its been pre recorded.  (Submitted by: Teresa on April 21, 2016)

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