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I don't have any experience with crystals/minerals. However, I am looking to begin. My issues I need help with are my stomach, digestion issues and acid reflux. What exactly could I use and could you give me step-by-step on how to use the stones to help my symptoms? Thank you.


Dear L,

Thank you for your inquiry. I am sorry that you are having digestive challenges*. The crystal/mineral that I prefer for digestive challenges is Amber. I wear Amberin necklaces and place loose pieces on me whenever I am not feeling well in the abdominal area. During the day, I keep them in any pockets I have available. I even place the underneath my pillow at night when my digestive system is not functioning well.

Another crystal that may benefit you is Yellow Calcite. I would follow the same tips above, but would add charging water too. You can place the Yellow Calcitearound a glass pitcher to charge it. If you have some loose Amber pieces, you can surround the pitcher with them too. Here is a link on how to charge water with crystals.

Depending on your digestive issue*, you may also wish to massage the abdominal area. Donna Eden's Energy Medicine book has many ideas that may be able to help you too.

I hope that these recommendations can be of assistance and that crystals grace your journey with love and light.

Crystal Blessings!
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*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a medical treatment and should not be used as a replacement for medical care. Please consult your healthcare specialist for your particular needs.

Posted on August 15, 2012
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